Test Cold Calling Scripts for Sales Appointments 

A Unique Test to Check if Your Reason for Calling is Effective 

Cold calling scripts for sales appointments must have a really effective Reason for Calling that grabs the prospect's attention and motivates them to listen to you.

Your Reason for Calling can make or break your sales appointment calls. 

A good one will motivate your prospects to listen to you.

A poor one will make them raise objections and excuses to end the call.

The test on this page will check just how effective your Reason for Calling is.

It will show you if the Introduction Stage of your cold call script offers your prospects a real potential benefit from listening to the rest of your call.

Use the test below and see if you could improve the Introduction Stage of your sales appointment cold calling scripts with a Reason for Calling that keeps prospects listening. 

Test Your Reason for Calling 

Use our unique test to see how effective the Reason for Calling that you currently use in your cold calling scripts Introduction Stage is. 

Step 1. What’s Your Current Reason for Calling

On the sales appointment calls you make now what is your Reason for Calling.

Write down what you say in the first few lines of your sales appointment cold calling scripts that explains to prospects why you’re calling and gives them a reason to listen to you?

Here’s an example of a common Reason for Calling that I often hear when coaching appointment setters:  'I'm calling because I’m in your area next week and ...'

Step 2.  Ask So What

Does the Reason for Calling clearly explain, to you as the prospect, how you could gain a potential benefit from listening to the call?

A quick way to answer this is by considering whether you could ask the question, So What, in response to the Reason for Calling.

Using the above example Reason for Calling: 'I'm calling because I’m in your area next week and ...'

Can you say, so what, to it?

Yes you definitely can.

So what if the company trying to sell me something has someone in my area next week.

It may be convenient for the sales person to meet with me then, but what’s my benefit? What about me, the potential customer, what's in it for me, how do I benefit?

There is clearly no benefit for the prospect but I’ve heard this line used many times over the past two decades by appointment setters  and sales people for both small businesses and large organisations. 

Step 3.  Make Changes to Your Cold Calling Script

The next step is to decide if you should make some changes to your current Reason for Calling, or create a completely new one, with a new and better benefit, to add to your appointment Introduction cold calling scripts. 

Whichever you decide you might want to go to our free training on creating a Sales Appointment Introduction Stage...  

Once you’ve made the changes go back to Step 1 and start the process again. 

Keep going through the steps until you get to a point where the, So what, question can’t be asked or doesn’t make sense. Then you’ll know you have a really effective, clearly explained, Reason for calling that you can add to your cold calling scripts for your Introduction Stage. 

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