by Andrew Adcock
(Spartanburg, SC)

Working in the car business for a good while with success I still struggle in finding an effective referral and follow up system that becomes a routine.

I have the proper steps, follow up time frames, best thank you, referral script etc...

Keeping all my clients on cards according to birthdays is cool but need a step by step proven repeat and referall system.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Andrew, I admire your enthusiasm.

You have some good ideas in place and a prospecting base you can build on.

I wouldn't look for a new complete prospect and new lead system. In my opinion one doesn't exist. The ideal process for you to generate new and repeat customers is to add to what you are already doing.

Lot's of streams of contact to customers that have bought aimed at getting repeat business from them, and referrals from them.

Have you got all past customers in your diary for a call back when you think they will be ready to buy again. The timing will obviously depend on the car they bought and information you gained from them at the time, eg How often do they change cars.

How about special offers for family members of past customers. I've seen this used before and people actually cheat and bring so called cousins to the showroom. Great, the more the better.

In these difficult times it will be the sales people that come up with innovative marketing ideas that increase sales. Is there a way to get out of the showroom, off the forecourt, and in front crowds of people. Take a car out to somewhere busy and offer test drives.

If they can't make a decision without their partner go pick them up.

Take the car to the prospects instead of getting the prospects to come to you.

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