Sales Training Prospecting Techniques

by Joe D
(USA - Il)

I would like to share a sales prospecting technique with you that has worked well for my sales men and girls. We call it the sales actions points system.

Using this sales training game you give sales people something to aim at as well as just closing sales and signing orders.

It motivates sales teams to do all the actions that will lead to collecting and qualifying sales prospects, making sales appointments, and increasing sales.

The idea is to put a points value to every action you take that works towards closing a sale, making a sales appointment, or gaining a good sales prospect.

The rules of the sales training game

The best action you can do is to close a sale, and so that gets the best score of 5 points.

The next best action is to have a really good sales meeting with a potential customer that looks like you have a chance of winning the sale. That scores 4 points.

Then you have, making a sales appointment, and that's worth 3 points. Followed by qualifying a prospect which is worth 2 points.

The lowest scoring action is to find a potential sales prospect that you haven't qualified, and that's only scored at 1 point.

How the sales game is played

The aim of this sales training game is for every sales person on your team to score 20 points everyday.

That could be 4 closed sales, or 2 closed sales 2 sales appointments and a qualified prospect.

What we find really good about this game is how even if you don't close a sale you still have a target to aim at. You can still go home feeling successful and knowing that you have done some worthwhile sales actions that will lead to closing sales in the future.

Try it out for yourself and perhaps you could let me know how it goes on the sales blog here.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Joe, what a great idea!

I can see how this will drive those actions you need to collect sales prospects and make sales appointments.

It's great to see an idea I've not used myself before, and I will definately give this one a try.

I think this is such a great post that I'm sending you a free copy of the sales training workbook: How to make Sales Appointments by Telephone.

If anyone else tries out this sales motivation game please add your comments and let us know how it goes.

Comments for Sales Training Prospecting Techniques

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Sales prospecting and appointment motivation
by: David Z

I have tried this with my sales team and the motivation to make more sales appointments, and gather sales prospects, has gone through the roof.

In the past we have always measured the different sales team activities seperately. So we looked at the number of sales closed, always the most important.

Then we would have a seperate report on sales appointments completed, appointments planned, and prospects lined up in the pipeline and qualified for sales appointment scheduling.

Blind prospects not yet qualified was another seperate report, and all these were focused on as individual actions and activity.

I like this points sales game because it brings all these seperate sales activities together into one measurable score.

We now have a league table based on the points we give for all the different activities a sales person does in the month.

So now they don not just go out and sell, they want the smaller point scorers as well so they are not at the bottom of the sales league table.

Sales prospecting techniques
by: Mallanda

Joe, thank you for showing me this wonderful sales prospecting idea. I am fnding it very motivational. I now feel good when I have scored some points for the day even if I have not closed a sale.

I know that the points I am scoring will lead to me increasing my sales in the near future.

I hope many others try this sales prospecting motivation idea.

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