Sales team motivation

by K Anker Team Captain

What a great idea the links list is on this page. My minds running overtime now with magic stuff I can add to it. We have an intranet but it's full of junk and hard to navigate, especially when the team are on the phone talking to customers.

That quick look at a page on exactly what you need at the right moment is great for getting back in the top mood for sales, that sales state.

The team has started adding stuff to the list. I don't know if I'm allowed to plug other sites on your comments box but if I am then I can recommend Business Balls it's got loads of stuff on sales and sales team training.

Keep up the good work and yes I have put a link to your site at the top of our sales team training and motivation list. The link box at the bottom of each page makes it really easy, why don't all sites do that?

...To see the page and make see if you agree open Sales Training Tips in a new window and then come back and make your comment.

Comment from Stephen Craine

I've used this sales team training technique for motivation many times when building both telesales teams and field sales.

The ways you can adapt this are endless and it gives the team self motivation tools that don't take up the manager's time.

And yes, you can mention other websites that you have included. Perhaps others would like to send in comments and we can start a list of the best sites to have on your sales training and motivation links list.

...It's easy to send in your comments, just click the comments link and start typing. Tell others what links you think are worth adding to your list..

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