Sales Presentation Training

Test your sales presentation skills

Sales presentation training that will test your sales skills and show you how to improve your presentation to customers.

There’s a simple test that I use with my sales teams.

It checks they’re making the best use of features and benefits when presenting to customers.

It keeps your sales presentations customer focused, and you'll look at the presentation from a buyer's viewpoint.

Take the test and check your not making a common sales mistake:

Presenting too many features and not enough benefits.

Sales people often talk on and on about the features of their products. This is because features are easy to learn. You just read the product manual, or a description, and start presenting.

Benefits take a bit more time and understanding, but the investment in this sales skill is worth it.

This test will make massive improvements to your sales presentations no matter what type of sales you're working in.

The Sales Presentation Training Test

Step 1

Choose a product or service that you sell and you regularly present to prospects.

Now do your normal sales presentation and record what you say. You can use a voice recorder or write down what you say.

...Many mobile phones now have recording options..

Step 2

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the left side write Benefits, and on the right Features.

Listen to the presentation, or look at what you have written. For every benefit you presented place a tick in the left hand column, and for every feature tick the right column.

A feature is something about the product or service you sell, or what it does. A benefit is what the product or service will do for the buyer.


The braking system is a feature of a car. The protection it gives the buyer, and their passengers, if they have to break quickly is a benefit.

A feature of this sales presentation training is the test. The benefit will be the additional sales you close when you have completed it.

So if you have a watch that tells you the time, is that a feature or a benefit? ...Answer shown later if you need it..

Step 3

Total the ticks in each column.

You can now see how many benefits and how many features you are using in your sales presentation.

The more benefits you include in your presentation the more customer focused it is. Benefits are about the customer, what they want as an end result, the bottom line benefits provided by the features.

Remember this sales presentation tip: The more features you present the more your sales presentation is focused on your product or service. Features are the details, mechanisms, and attributes of your product.

Benefits to Features
What should the ratio be?

There are no fixed rules about the ratio of benefits to features in sales presentation training. It depends a lot on the type of product you sell.

Personally, I aim to never have more features than benefits. I usually present a feature just so I can show how I will provide the benefits.

The more your sale is based on emotion, impulse, how it looks or feels, and an end result for the buyer, the more benefits compared to features there should be in your sales presentation.

You still need features, but they are there to show how your product will provide the benefits the buyer wants.

Now you know how many features and benefits you currently use in your presentation, you can decide if you want to us this sales presentation training and make some changes.

Now you can move to Sales Presentation training and get more sales skills training to help you close more sales and earn more money.

...Well, was the fact that a watch tells the time a feature or a benefit? Yes, it’s a feature. So what would be the benefits of you knowing the time?..

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