Review of Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

by DeSolvo
(USA - Ma)

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

I recently bought the download ebook version of Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.When I opened the download I was surprised by its appearance and layout. Having bought other sales training courses online I was expecting glossy images and pages similar to a web layout.

This workbook course was plain and the content held more importance than the visual presentation. This made it practical to use, and easy to print out the pages as I moved through the workbook.

It really is a step by step guide. The text and the exercises work well together to get you thinking about what you should include, and what you shouldn't, in the sales appointment calls.

I realised I had been waffling throughout my appointment setting calls with no real direction.

I got carried off subject by people I phoned.

The most often objections I usually received was that the listener was too busy, not interested, or some other excuse.

This was usually at the early stage of my calls and it stopped the call going any further.

One major change that I made after using the workbook, was to work on my reason for the call. The exercises on building the call introduction showed me how to give the listener a really good reason to talk to me. It was worth taking the course just for this one piece of guidance.

After the workbook course I had a working script, for the whole appointment setting call, that I followed. This has given me confidence on making the calls, and I no longer think appointment cold calling sucks. I don't enjoy it yet, but I'm getting there, and I do enjoy the results I'm getting.

I did find some of the exercises repetitious. I could see short cuts that I could take to move forward quicker. But by following the course, and not taking those shortcuts, the training stuck with me, and I use it.

Making Sales Appointmnets by Telephone works as long as you are willing to give some of your time and complete the course.

More information can be seen on the Cold calling techniques to make sales appointments by telephone.

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A good training course - Recommend
by: Jancor (India)

I recommend this training course. It gave me the way to make sales appointment calls to visit new clients.

I always hated having to cold call my new clients to meet with them. Now I enjoy the calling sessions I have.

Also, I was able to contact the website and get help from the author. Very good training course and very good people to deal with.

An easy way to make sales appointments
by: P. Jackson USA - Ca

I started working for myself and while I offer a great service I found cold calling to make sales appointments a real drag. I hated it. I wasn't used to so much reection.

I've used the workbook course and now I can see why i was getting so much rejection.

Using the workbook and following the exercises I now have a simple formula to follow and I'm I see my telephone appointment time as productive.

Don't be put off by how cheap the rice is, it will give you a nice call to make sales appointments with.

See the appointment setting course for yourself

Open Making sales appointments and cold calling techniques and start making more money from your selling time.

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