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Positive thinking motivation techniques for sales people to build resilience, prevent the impact of the negatives we face every day, and maintain a motivated state that leads to success. 

You cannot succeed in sales if you allow people and situations to bring you down!

As sales people we face negatives every day. Most sales roles mean you get more No's than Yes's, you can't sell to every prospect. 

Planned calls and meetings get cancelled. A prospect you thought was definitely going to buy doesn't. Your company can't meet a buyer's requirements, your colleagues bring you down with their negativity, you need sales quickly for your small business, and many other negatives can take their toll on your motivational state. 

What you need is a way to stop the impact and maintain your best possible motivated state that allows you to access all your resources as you communicate with prospects. The sales motivation technique below is one I have used with the successful sales teams I have managed and trained and now you can use it for yourself or your team. 

Gain a positive outlook that enables you to use your skills and experience to their full potential at all times.

Train your mind to look for the positives.

See the possibilities in every situation.

No longer get brought down by others.

Remain calm and increase your resilience.

Be seen as a strong motivator that achieves results despite all the knock backs and negatives you face.

Positive thinking using this one technique will give you constant self improvement and motivation.

Why this technique works

I’m a working sales manager and I use this motivation technique very successfully with the sales teams I manage.

If you manage sales people this can one technique can bring you great rewards.

Without motivation and a positive outlook you will never be able to use your sales or management skills to their full potential. Motivation is the key to success in any sales or management role. It is the driving force and the power behind your actions.

This simple motivation technique on positive thinking will show you how to get a motivated viewpoint in any situation.

People respond to motivated people whether they are prospects or colleagues. With positive thinking you will get positive responses from others.

Imagine brushing off all the negatives that could weigh you down and seeing the potential in all situations. Try this motivation technique on positive thinking and see how it works for you.

Positive thinking motivation technique

Use this simple technique for positive thinking and use your sales and management skills to their full.

Every situation you look at you view through your mental filters. Your perception of the situation will take into account your previous experiences, your beliefs, and the evidence you use, true or false, to evaluate what you see and hear.

So if a customer doesn’t agree to buy you may say things to
yourself such as:

I must have done or said something wrong.

Our products are not right.

The prices we charge are too high.

This brings down your self-motivation and can lead to you expecting objections and no sales in your next appointment.

This is where you need to intervene and take control. This is where positive motivation techniques are used.

Think back to a time when you were in a similar situation to the example above and couldn’t close a sale, or a time where you saw your position as negative. Now imagine coming out of the sales appointment, or viewing your position, and asking yourself; What’s good about this situation?

I know, it takes some getting used to. You may be used to seeing what isn’t right or looking for something or someone to blame for what went wrong. But humor me and ask the question.

Ask yourself, what’s good about this.

Asking a question focuses your mind on the answer that best fits the parameters you have set in the question. In this case you have given your mind instructions to look for what is good and ignore: what’s bad, how did this happen, and who can I blame. This is a good start to our positive thinking technique.

So what answers did you come up with to your situation? What was good about not getting the sale or the situation you thought back to? With practice positive thinking becomes easier and you find more positive answers to situations you used to think of as negative.

An example of positive thinking for
sales people

When one of my sales team comes out of a sales meeting with a potential customer, and they haven’t won the sale, they ask themselves what’s good about this situation.

Here are some of the answers they come up with:

Feedback from the buyer will tell me how to improve my sales techniques and close more sales.

If I can find a way to get back into see this prospect and convince them to buy they will be a good customer as I know competing sales people will find it hard to sell to them.

I know I can close 1 out of every 3 buyers I pitch to so one of the next 2 prospects I meet will buy from me.

If I can sell to that buyer in the future it will mean I have improved my sales skills.

I proved my resilience in there by not giving up and persisting to try and close the sale.

Yes I know it’s difficult to come out of a sales meeting where you didn’t get the sale and start practicing positive thinking. But what are the alternatives, give yourself a hard time, blame the product or the company, and put yourself in a really low motivation state. How will that help you in your next sales appointment?

The biggest benefit to using positive thinking is how it makes you feel going forward. It stops negative thoughts and allows you to feel good about your chances in the next situation.

Don’t let others bring you down

Do you get brought down by negative people around you or situations outside of your control?

We all get impacted by negative influences every day. It can start with problems at home before we leave the house. Our drive to work can be full of negatives, and when we get to work there may be lots of little pricks ready to burst our balloon and bring down our motivation.

In sales and sales management there are decisions made that are outside of our control. In our own business our superiors, colleagues, and subordinates can all do things that we see as working against us. Customers make decisions that don’t appear logical and buy from our competitors. Sales appointments get cancelled, and buyers claim we made promises we know we didn’t.

So with all this negative impact weighing us down how do we stay motivated and how do we keep our sales teams positive and able to use their resources to full effect?

In every situation ask: What’s good about this!

Positive thinking will mean that when others are whining about things you look for how you can take advantage. It may be that just being positive and getting on with your job, while others deflate their own motivation, is actually what’s good about it. You make sales and money while they sit around being negative.

How to get the most from positive thinking

Combine this positive thinking technique with effective sales skills and gain the rewards of constant self improvement and motivation

Now take 2 actions that will help you close more sales, or manage your sales team to success.

1. Put reminders all around you to look for what’s good in every situation. On the walls of your sales office, a screensaver on your computer, in your car, and anywhere it will trigger a reaction from you or your team throughout the day.

2. With this positive thinking attitude look for new ways to increase your sales skills. You will get an increase in sales because your positive motivation will work for you and enable you to use any new sales training to best effect.

Add sales training regularly to your existing sales skills and you will get self improvement and motivation, and that is a powerful combination in sales and sales management.

Now take your motivating question of What’s good about this, and look through some Free Sales Training .

As you view the training keep asking yourself what’s good about this training, how can I use this free sales training, what will it do for me, and do I want more. Start your self improvement and motivation by scanning through Free Sales Training and focusing on what you can gain from it.

You can also make really good use of a motivation technique I use with my sales teams called Need-to-Close Chains. This is both a sales and a motivation technique that you will find many uses for and can add it to your positive thinking. You can see more on Need-to-Close Chains by moving from positive thinking to Need-to-Close Chains.

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