My Favourite Sales Motivation Quote Relating To Price

Here's my favourite sales motivation quote that my boss used to hammer into us when we complained that our services were not the cheapest on the market.

If we were the cheapest we would not
need sales people!

He then backed this up with:

If price was all we had we would sell over the Internet and have a never ending stream prospects.

Sales people sell, they don't just give out the cheapest quotes.

The higher your selling price the more secure your job is.

The price isn't important, it's the value the customer perceives in your product.

At the time I thought it was just excuses for the company not having the best prices for us to sell at. Now, with the wisdom of age, I can see the truth in the sales quotes.

I'm not sure where he got all this stuff, or if he made it up, but it works to get me back into the real world and put my effort in to selling rather than worrying about price.

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