Motivating Quotes and Tips for Sales People

Motivating quotes on their own don’t really have much effect on you and your motivation, or that of your employees or your team.

Motivational quotes for sales people can be found all over the Internet. What’s different here is that we give you the quote and then add sales tips on how to use it. That’s when you get real motivation.

When I was a salesman I would hear or read a phrase, a motivating quote, or a tip, but it would soon be forgotten. Only with understanding and repetition did I start to see real potential benefits and put it into action.

Now, as a sales manager, I take a quote or a sales tip and put it into practical examples and situations for my teams.

With some repetition, and examples of how it can be used, the effect stacks up and attitudes, viewpoints, and motivation levels re-frame and change. Then, when people change, you get results.

The first quote we offer you, which is further down the page, is a particular favourite of mine and one I have found to work well in many situations that sales people and business owners face.

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In the eBook we will add lots more detail to each quote: The most appropriate situations to use it in, and real examples of when it has been used. The aim is to make each motivating quote a sales tip and technique that you can use for yourself or your sales team.

Here’s the first of the Motivating Quotes for sales:

As this is the first of the motivational quotes I wanted to use one that has had the greatest positive effect on my sales career and I hope it gives you the same benefit.

Motivating Sales Quote 1

This motivational tip comes in the form of a question. It can be used in any situation that you initially view as negative, but is an especially good technique for anyone that sells or is in business.

When you are faced with a negative situation, such as a no from a potential customer, a price increase from your supplier, or a sales objection, ask yourself one simple question and wait for the answer. Ask yourself:

What’s good about it?

What’s good about getting the rejection, receiving the bad news, or any other negative? Don’t misunderstand the technique. This is not saying that there is only a positive in any of the above or similar situations, and it doesn’t mean that you ignore the negatives.

Say for example you are trying to win the business of a particularly difficult prospect and you keep coming up against obstacles to closing the sale. There is the obvious problem of dealing with each obstacle to the sale, but what positives are there about the situation that you can tell yourself to keep your motivation high.

One example of ‘What’s good about it,’ could be:

Once I win this customer’s business it will be just as hard for a competitor to take it off me.

Every situation will have something that is good about it, no matter how big the negatives are.

Here’s the second of our Motivating Quotes for sales:

Move from Blame to Aim

If you ever heard a sales person blaming evryone and everything else for their own failings you will know exactly what we mean by this quote.

It says, stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions and results.

Instead of blaming things that you can't control, set targets and aim for success by taking actions that are within your control.

A 3rd Quote for you to think about:

Here's another quote for you to consider and use for your sales team, yourself, or your small business.

10 Before 10

This refers to making 10 prospecting or appointment setting calls before 10am each day.

Getting into the routine of making 10 calls early each day is said to save you half a day's cold calling each week. It keeps your pipeline topped up and gives you more selling time.

Another motivating sales quote:

In this week's free newsletter the Sales Buzz there's a great example of how to use the sales question:

Does it stop you selling?

See how to reframe your viewpoint of the obstacles that you think are preventing you from clsoing sales in this week's Sales Buzz...

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