Break out of the Cycle

by Joel

This motivating sales quote has helped me to make changes.

Break the Cycle is a phrase I first heard on a motivation course many years ago. During the course we looked at what we wanted to change in our lives. especially our working lives.

Many of the things I wanted to change I had tried to alter before and failed.

With help from a coach I saw that I was stuckin several cycles of avtivity, that led to outcomes, that led more of the same activity and the same outcomes.

What had to change was me, and then I could change my actions and get the outcomes that I wanted.

Look at sales people who want to be successful but wait for the prospects to change or the market to pick up. They stay trapped in a cycle of waiting for change.

Until they break that cycle change will not happen.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Joel I hear what you are saying.

I see it many times as a sales manager. The same actions, the same reactions, the same outcomes, and then move on to another job.

Until the individual takes responsibility for the results and changes what they do the same cycle will keep repeating.

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