Look for rejections

by Indra Hadiwidjaja
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

In the sales world, rejections are something we cannot avoid.

Most of the time, we find more rejections than closing. Many sales people feel bad when they face a rejection.

A way to avoid the bad feeling is by setting our mindset to find more rejections instead of looking for closing.

Set your mind to find 10 rejections from the
prospects everyday.

I believe the more rejections you are facing, the more closing you will have.

Thank you for sharing that with us Indra.

Dealing with rejection is one of the hardest things for a sales person to learn. And as you say, it is a change of mindset that makes this possible.

I like the idea of looking for rejections. One of the techniques I use when managing sales teams is to question the objections they have received from a potential client.

If they don't know what the objection is, the reason for rejection, then they haven't tried to close the sale.

I like the other benefits of your technique, by looking for the rejection there is no fear of it. The sales person will not be afraid of trying to close the sale and getting a 'No' from the buyer.

Indra, please send me your email address and I will send you a free copy of the eBook 49 Sales Quotes which will be published in March.

I would like to use your example above in the book so please let me know if that's okay with you and if you would like your name used along with it.

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