Improving sales skills - Sales Buzz Issue 71

by CK
(Miami Fl)

Stephen, I am a sales manager with a sales team in the insurance and finance market. I whole heartedly agree with your comments in your free sales training newsletter on training not being used.

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Thousands of dollars are wasted every year in the financial sales sector by companies bring in expensive sales trainers.

They present very high quality sales and motivation courses, but how many insurance sales people and financial consultants use that high quality training.

The answer is none, unless I follow up the training with on the job coaching, action plans, and assessments.

This is not done by my colleagues with other teams and I am currently reaping the rewards of the coaching I do with my team.

After every sales training course my team attend I ask for a copy of the course content and follow it up with my team. Then I draw up individual action plans with each team member and regularly assess and give feedback.

The goal is for us all to increase sales and earn more money, and sales training on its own will only waste money and take people off the road.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Thank you for your comments, I fully agree with you. The money wasted on sales training with no follow up to check on the return on investment is criminal.

Sales training and coaching and follow up should be go hand in hand. Then assessment of the impact the training has had on the bottom line.

There is no such thing as magic sales training where you can send in a sales person and they come out changed. It has to be a process of change. And it sounds like you have it covered.

You can now see a page on the website on the techniques to improve sales training by opening Professional sales training tips.

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