Free Newsletter The Sales Buzz issue 71 Improving your sales skills

by Mell K
(London UK)

I've just read the latest edition of the Free Sales Training Newsletter the Sales Buzz (Issue 71 Improving your sales skills)

What a really great article about how to make sales training work when you get back into the field. I have this very problem in my sales position with a communications company.

We receive plenty of sales training from both internal and external sources but I find after a few weeks I am back doing things the same old way.

I want to improve and a lot of the training is very good and I can see it being very useful. But it can be very confusing and it gets very complicated putting it into action.

Could you perhaps write a quick step by step guide to how I should go about using the sales training out in the field.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Mell, I have done what you asked. If you open Professional sales training tips you'll see a simple step by step guide to taking good sales training from the classroom and putting it into action to increase sales.

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