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Free access to hundreds of business articles on sales training, marketing, career and personal development, motivation, and all things selling.

We are building a library of free online articles packed with training, ideas, and discussion points for you to read, enjoy, learn, share, and re-publish as online content.

You can use the articles for your own progression or as a sales training or meeting resource.

It will take us some time to upload all the articles so stick with us, add the page to your favourites, and keep coming back for the latest updates.

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As we add more articles we’ll update a table of contents at the end of this page so you will be able go straight to what you want. Here are some ideas on how you can benefit and gain an advantage from this Business Articles section:

Use Business Articles for Your Personal Development, Training Sessions, and Meetings 

An article is a really good way for you to take in information because the information is wrapped in a context.

It’s also a great way to make your presentations, training sessions, and meetings, become attention grabbing and interesting because you are presenting information in a memorable way.

In an article the story or metaphor gives you the situation in which it took place. It’s like a real example of how the actions took place and this helps people you to frame the message using the context to build internal pictures which makes it easier to comprehend and remember. 

Which do you remember best, stories or power point presentations? 

In business I’ve often heard complaints of, ‘Death by PowerPoint,’ but never by story or metaphor.

A Tip on Using the Business Articles 

When you want to learn and take in information for your own development on subjects like:

  • Management techniques
  • Motivation training
  • Sales training

Grab  yourself a coffee and take 5 minutes personal time as you choose an article that appeals to you. It’s a really good investment of your time, and it’s an enjoyable way to learn.

When you’re preparing a presentation or a training session include an article related to your subject as a way to support your message or as a discussion point.

A big benefit of using an article that’s written by someone else is in your training and meetings is, if people don’t agree with it you can always blame the author, that’s me, because you didn’t write it, you are only presenting it for discussion.

Use the Business Articles as Free
Online Content

Using content written by other authors for your online sites or mail-outs and newsletters has many benefits. 

You can give your visitors and subscribers another voice and another perspective. 

This variation keeps them interested and looking forward to visiting your site again.

Your visitors are then happy because they are seeing varied content.

You are happy because you build your reputation and your visitor numbers.

And I’m happy because I get a few new people clicking through to this site.

Having good, well written, articles as content on your website or blog is a great way of adding content quickly, and at no cost. They will attract visitors and meet their needs for content before you ask them to follow your calls to action and give you your most wanted outcome.

Conditions for Publishing 

I’m happy for you to re-publish any of the free content.

You can publish any of the articles on your website, blog, mail-outs, ezines, and anything else that I’ve missed, with the following conditions:

a) The existing links within, and attached to, the articles are also published as working links that link to their current destination pages.

b) The author name is published and credited with writing the article.

If only part of the article is published it is acceptable to only link the re-published part article to the full article page on this website.

Have a click around the Business Articles and read, use, and share the free content...

Business Articles Recently Library

This section is being updated weekly with new articles and with the hundreds of articles we have already published.  It will take us some time to get them all online but there will be new additions each week, so add the site to your favourites and keep coming back to see what’s new in the free content.

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