by Tony

Are you sick and tired of spam, cold calls, junk mail etc? Well we live in the information age, and I beleive that potential, prospects, are rebelling againist it, and are fighting back.

Spam filters, British Telecoms call preference service, are just a sign that a wall of resistant is being built, making the job, of the tele sales, rep, direct marketerts job more difficult.

Companies, no name policy, when trying to find a name for mr or mrs in such a department you want talk to about your latest widget etc, but whats the answer you may ask to overcome this apathy...

...I will provide valuable solutions to this issue in my next post but the clue is in the heading, Differentiate!

...I can't shout that word loud enough, I will continue with the solutions in my next post!..

Comment from Stephen Craine

That's a great topic you've started Tony. I look forward to the next one and your ideas and sales techniques. Thanks for sharing.

Many sales people are finding it harder to make that first contact on a cold call, on the telephone and in person.

Just a few sales techniques on how to solve this problem, and gain more opportunities to make a sale, can be very financially rewarding. I look forward to your next post.

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