The biggest mistakes I have seen salespeople make...

by Rhett Wallace

The biggest mistake I have seen salespeople make is not being prepared for a call.

I have seen people neglect to:

1. Define the goal of their customer meeting

2. Research the customer and their organization

3. Make an attempt to connect the value proposition of their product or service to the client's needs

4. Prepare responses to probably objections

5. Define an overall strategy for their sales call

A sales call will be over quickly if you are not prepared.

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Comment from Stephen Craine

Really good sales tips Rhett. Thank you for contributing. Your website has some great information on sales & selling, well worth a visit.

What sales tips can you add to the above list?

Have you seen sales people making basic mistakes that cost them sales? Perhaps you used to make some yourself, I know I did.

Click the comments button below and simply type your top sales tips, and ways to avoid basic sales mistakes, into the box.

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