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Telesales tips on how to motivate yourself to take actions that lead to your success.

To be successful in telesales, or in a sales role where you make your own appointment cold calls, you have to be able to turn up your motivation levels on demand.

At the start of a shift or a cold calling session.

After a string of rejections or objections that has punched a hole in your resilience.

And at any time you need to boost your results and close more sales or gain agreement on your calls.

When you’re motivated you have access to all your skills and experience, you look for positive actions to take, and there are no negative dark clouds paralysing you with self-doubt.

The telesales tips on self-motivation below will show you how to flick the switch and instantly brighten your mental state.

Two Telesales Tips for

Take these 2 actions and feel the change as you learn how to motivate yourself.

1. Identify the motivational goal that will work to make you take actions to achieve it.

2. Create a visual representation of the goal that will move you into a motivational state.

Telesales Tips 1 - Identify your goal

Why do you go to work?

What do you want back from the time you put in at work?

Many people answer these questions by saying, they need to pay the bills, keep a roof over their head, or bring up a family. Others don’t have an answer, or they just accept that everyone that isn’t super rich has to work.

The above viewpoints might give you a reason to go to work but they won’t motivate you to take actions to be successful at work.

Just getting by and paying the bills won’t, in my experience, motivate and energise you to look for and take positive actions that lead to great results.

What you need is a clearly defined personal goal that means something to you and that can be measured, and that’s the first of these telesales tips.

So what’s it going to be?

Is there something you really want, something with a definite price tag that will also make a real difference to you?

Vague goals won’t motivate you to take actions. You have to be able to see a direct connection between the actions you take, the results you achieve, and moving closer to your goal.

You also need to be able to measure your progress. When your increased income comes from the sales you close it’s easy to see the progress you are making.

If your increase in reward will come from a promotion or a job change, then you have to find a way of setting a goal based on what you need to achieve and measuring the results of the actions you are taking.

Once you have clearly defined your goal the next telesales tip is...

Telesales Tips 2 - Create a Visual Representation of Your Goal

This is one of the best telesales tips on motivation that I used while working in a telemarketing call centre.

But at times you will need reminding of your goal, and the benefits you will gain when you achieve it, to move you into a motivated state.

telesales tips on motivation

A clear goal that will give you a personal benefit will motivate you to take actions.

How do you feel before your first call of a telesales shift, or the first sales appointment call on a prospecting session?

Or how about after you’ve had a few objections and rejections?

What state are you in as month-end descends and time to achieve target is running out?

When you have a visual representation of your goal it will get you into a motivated state on demand, a state where you can access all your resources and achieve the best results possible with your levels of skills and experience.

When you use these telesales tips getting motivated can be just like flicking a switch, here's a great example...

Example of a Goal Representation

One of the best examples I have seen of this telesales tip was when one of the team I was managing set a goal of saving all his commission payments for a deposit on new house. He brought his son’s Lego building set into work.

His goal was clearly defined as a monetary figure so he divided it by the number of building pieces he would need to complete a model house.

As he closed sales and earned commission he would add more bricks to the house. When he added the last piece on the roof the house was complete, he had achieved his goal and saved his deposit, and a massive cheer went up from the rest of the team.

Choose a Visual Representation
of Your Goal

A physical object can be represented by a model or a picture.

Can you make it interactive to show your progress?

Non-tangible goals, such as gathering evidence of target achievement for promotion interviews, may need a bit more thought but you’ll come up with something, remember the building bricks.

My opinion is that a physical representation works better than a page on a computer, and it works even better when it’s interactive.

Stacking bricks, crossing out a square, dropping a penny in a tube, unfolding a bit more of a picture, these are all actions that promote a good feeling and can change states.

If you do decide to use a representation on your computer or tablet, make sure it opens as you log on. It needs to be in your face while you’re making calls. This is not something you bring up to date at the end of the day, it’s a live document that you use as you make the calls.

Telesales Tips - Take Action Today

Set your goal, clearly define it, put a timescale on it, and make sure the benefits will motivate you.

That’s you personally, not just the business or your employer.

Make a visual interactive representation of your goal that will measure your progress.

These two telesales tips work, I’ve used them with the sales and telesales teams that I’ve managed and trained throughout my career.

They work even more effectively when you combine them with sales and telemarketing skills.

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All the training courses have been proven successful by working professionals.

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