Self Motivation Skills Using NLP

by Witheld

Self motivation and how to use NLP page is excellent. It's about time large organisations saw the benefit of NLP and related skills for all sales people. It should be included in all sales management training programs.

I work for a very large national company in the UK and trying to get them to invest in coaching courses for sales managers and motivation courses for sales people is a waste of time. The company just doesn't see the benefits.

Instead they would rather raise targets and bring in performance management for under performers.

I was on a course recently, that I paid for myself, and I heard the comment:

Some companies use the theory that sackings and disciplining of under performers should continue until motivation increases.

How true that is of my employer.

Your pages have great motivation tips if only people will use them.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Thanks for your honest comments on your companies attitude to motivation skills. I've witheld your name and details for obvious reasons.

I used to work for a company like that many years ago. Speaking to people that are still there nothing has changed.

Still the same today. Many of the sales teams looking for new jobs. Still not making any money and supported financially by other branches of the organisation. It's a house of cards waiting to come falling down.

The good news is, good sales people and managers can shine through and get results by bringing in self motivation skills for their teams.

Information on self motivation skills section of the website and see what you can use.

What's your company's attitude towards motivation?

Tell us about your company and their attitude towards motivation of sales people. Is there something that's working well, have you developed an idea you would like to share?

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