by Amie Lee

I need some suggestions on how to get introductions with mall goers passing by the kiosk I work at.

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Getting Prospect's Attention
by: Stephen

Hi Amie, this is a great question.

It's relevant to so many people in sales, in retail outlets, showroom and forecourt selling, and especially sales people, like you, that need to get passers by speaking to you.

Think about what's going through the mind of the people that you approach now.

You've not said what you currently say and do to get their attention, but I imagine it starts by you trying to make eye contact, and maybe moving towards them, and saying something about what you sell or asking a question.

So let's break this down into small chunks and think what happens.

As the prospect approaches you

They see the kiosk, I'm not sure if you're in the kiosk or stood outside. Outside is good you can get into the crowd as they pass.

Most people passing a kiosk will want to look and see what you have, people are curious.

But they don't want to be sold to or at, so they're cautious

As they pass by

You probably notice as they sneak a look at what you're selling they try not to make eye contact.

Unfortunately because they are trying so hard not to make eye contact, and not to put themselves into a position where they feel obliged to talk to you, they don't get a proper look at your sales offers.


You want the people passing by to look at what you have to offer.

So make them feel comfortable.

Don't try to make eye contact or approach them in any way until they are very close to your kiosk.

The aim is to let the ones that are curious get close and see what you are selling, and only make direct approaches to the ones that weren't going to stop anyway.

The first line, very important

What are you going to say to the people that are showing an interest in your kiosk?

You want a first line that is not sales related, not threatening, offers information, is friendly, and starts a conversation.

Questions are good, if they fit the above criteria.

Something of interest

Ideally you want something of interest by your kiosk.

Related in some way to what you sell, and aimed at getting people to stop, look, feel, and interact with.

A game, a big screen, some information delivered in a novel way. Think about it, the answer will come.

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