Motivation Techniques for Sales Teams

by Tracy Q UK

Your motivation techniques page raises the point that many big firms I have worked for don't understand how to motivate sales people. They know how to use the negative, pushing motivation. These are motivation techniques that force sales individuals to work harder to keep their job, or avoid disciplinaries. These are motivators that, as you put it, influence people to move away from a negative.

What you then get are sales people just achieving target, or an acceptable level of sales performance. They are constantly looking behind at what they are working hard to get away from.

The company would get a lot more from their sales teams if they knew how to motivate these middle performers by giving them something to aim for. Instead all that happens is the sales people do just enough to keep themselves out of trouble and in a job.

I would love to hear how other sales people feel and what their companies do to motivate their middle sales performers to go that bit further.

Does anyone actually go to work with a focus on something positive they are trying to achieve and if they do how long into the day does it last?

I have tried self motivation techniques and getting myself going in the morning. But by half way through the morning I'm thinking, this is just another day and I'll start being a sales superstar tomorrow.

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Comment from Stephen Craine

I've seen the same thing in many big companies. Negative motivation is quick and easy, but it is only one motivation techniques and isn't appropriate or successful in all situations.

If overused it can cause stress, resentment towards the company, and high staff turnover levels.

With a little investment in good sales management training a sales team training and motivation process can be set up that covers the full spectrum of moving away and moving towards motivation techniques.

So now tell us how your company motivates their sales teams. Does it work for you? What's your experiences of motivation at work, both good and bad.

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