Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

by Dick Hall
(Brisbane australia)

In Australia it is prohibited from making cold telemarketing calls unless your company is a charity, so that knocks that one the head.

Of course there are those who say that if you are trying to sell something then it is a telemarketing experience.

Others say they are selling the appointment. Either way if it is unsolicited then it is unwanted, and an illegal approach. Go figure.

I've produced a sales tape called "Gaining The Appointment" specifically for the travel industry. We pay attention to what a pushy sales person is and what our philosophy of selling is.

Here goes. I say it is like Ballroom dancing. You meet the other person at their level, you lead but let them think they are leading you, be one step infront at all times (mentally), lead them at their pace and be in control.

Simple as that. A pushy sales person rushes these steps and they wonder why they encounter resistance.

If things are not going as you would like it then perhaps try taking something away.

I can't promise you that, or make any guarantees etc. Whatever you do, expect to have alot of failures and use them as a learning process to hone your approach. Have fun.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Dick, I would be really interested in how you, and other sales people adapt your prospecting methods to stay within the Australian legislation.

It sounds very strict and limiting even to legitimate businesses.

Please tell us more on this.

I think readers to the site would also be intersted in your sales tape. Feel free to write a revie and include a link to where they can buy it.

If you would prefer I'm happy to wite a review if you want to send it to me. Do you have an affiliate scheme?

What are the sales prospecting rules in your country?

Click the comments box at the bottom of this page and tell us what the rules, legislation, and guidelines are in your country for approaching and cold calling sales prospects.

How do you work within them?

How strictly are they enforced?

What do people do to get around them?

In the UK we have the Corporate Telephone Preference Service.

In my experience you would have to break the rules on a regular basis and ignore many warnings before any action is taken.

Call centres using automated dialling equipment annoy businesses and the public everyday and action is rarely taken.

There is no pro active action to stop calls outside of the rules and some of the largest sales organisations, especially advertising directories, pay no attention.

Tell us about your country or state rules on how youcan contact both business sales prospects and direct sales to the public.

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