Alternative closing technique

by Palmo

Can anyone tell me what an alternative close is and how to use it? I keep hearing about alternative closing techniques and alternative questions when cloing the sale.

I've never had any real sales training and have learned from my own mistakes and by revising what I do in the sales jobs I have had.

Your help would be appreciated.

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Correct Alternative Close
by: Lucy

Both answers on here are incorrect.

An alternative close is where you give two alternatives to the buyer to close the deal.


Would you like that in silver or black?
Should we book you in for Tuesday or Wednesday?
Shall we send the agreement to yourself or your partner?

Losing your sale?
by: Anonymous

When your buyer starts to show disinterest take yourself back to the stage of high interest and work on that point... Trust is a major issue to someone that has never met you before, sell yourself then take control and sell the product

Alternative Closing
by: harry

It is exactly what it says it is. Alternative. i.e. When you are in a sales situation and you start moving towards closing, and all of sudden you realize that your customer is not "following" you.

They start giving you excuses, looks at his/her watch, etc. Then you know something is wrong.

This is the time to change your approach, or you will lose your customer and the sale. That is to say, and you need to accept this truth; you still have the possibility to save your deal!

Many, if not most, of the salespeople just give up, and resort to thinking that the buyer just wasn't ready to do business today. And then, in a few days time, come to find out that their customer bought from someone else.

You can easily find out what those alternative choices are by just browsing through the internet.

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