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Jan 27, 2015

Simply helpful

Really a very good books to us like start ups in Sales Thank you for your kind coments. Stephen Craine

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Jan 26, 2015

It's Now Easier to Get the Latet Sales Training Updates

Get the latest sales training updates with our weekly newsletter ezine, the Sales Buzz.

We've updated our website page and made it even easier for you to get the free weekly sales training ezine.

Each week we send you a brief article on sales tips, techniques, and skills that are unique becasue they come from real experiences.

You can try the Sales Buzz with no commitment and get 2 sales training eBooks as a gift from us at

I guarantee you will not have seen the sales and training techniques presented in the 2 eBooks.

To try the Sales Buzz and get your free eBooks take a look at The Sales Buzz Newsletter Ezine...

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Jan 23, 2015

Boost Sales Motivation when You Need It

Free Unique Sales Training EBook Has Been Updated

Boost your motivation levels when you need it most and use a unique sales technique to link customer needs to the features and benefits of your products with the updated free sales training eBook course Need to Close Chains.

Use this free sales training course:

  • As a sales training technique.
  • As a motivational state changer.
  • To learn new product knowledge.
  • To train your teams.
  • And as an ice breaker in meetings.

The training connects the needs, wants, and desires of your customers to the features and benefits of your products and services.

Because of these new connections that you learn you can meet buyer’s requirements with a range of specific benefits, and explain how they are delivered by the product features, and that will convince more prospects to buy from you.

When you use the technique it gets you into the selling state of mind and that means you can get customers into a buying state of mind. You will be able to get into a motivated state and access all your resources, knowledge, and skills to close more sales.

To see more about this unique sales training technique, and to get your free eBook, go to: Need to Close Chains...

Jan 15, 2015

How’s Your Sales Appointment Diary Looking

It’s January , you’ve been back at work at least a week, and you want to set the tone for the rest of the year, so how’s your sales appointment diary looking?

If you’re diary isn’t as full as you want it to be.

You don’t seem to have enough time to prospect and make those appointment calls.

Or maybe you keep meeting with buyers who can’t really buy from you.

Then take some action now before the months start slipping by again and it’s too late to make an impact on this quarter’s results.

I’ve spent my career managing and training sales teams and one of the actions I put in place with every team was a process to create a constant flow of qualified sales appointments to keep diaries full.

Without qualified sales appointments it doesn’t matter how good you are at selling you won’t have the opportunities to use your skills and close sales.

Want to see how to put the same process I used successfully for over 20 years to fill appointment diaries, take a look at this week’s free sales training ezine the Sales Buzz...

The Sales Buzz – Weekly Sales Training ezine

The Sales Buzz is free. You can view this week’s edition, with no obligation, no catch, and you don’t even have to leave your email address or name. If you like it we hope you will leave your email address and have the weekly ezine delivered to your inbox.

There is a new issue every week with a sales related topic. We keep it brief and focused on sales training with links so you can get more information if the subject interests you.

We get lots of questions into the website and often we use these questions from sales people, like you, as the basis for the training articles.

Take a look at this week’s Sales Buzz and sales opportunities...

The Sales Buzz free sales training e-zine is published by the website

Jan 14, 2015

Sales Appointments Training Course Updated and Improved

Our best selling course, Making Sales Appointments by Telephone, has been updated and improved with 30 additional pages of tips and techniques.

sales appointment training course

There's more on how to create your own personalised appointment cold calling script.

More on how to physically make the calls.

More on preparing and maintaining your calling list.

And lots more on that important first contact and getting past gatekeepers.

Whether you want the training course to increase your sales appointments, or to present to your sales teams, take a look at the new and improved Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

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