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Jul 06, 2015

Free Articles for Sales Meetings, Training, Discussion and Content

Over 270 free sales training pages on tips, techniques, and ideas that you can use for yourself, your team, or as free content for your blog or website.

The back issues of the Sales Buzz weekly sales training eZine are now available for you to use.

No charge.

No signing up or registration, unless you want us to send new editions to you.

No need to download.

Just click the image, scan the topics, and open the pages that you like.

All we ask is a credit from you when you use the free sales training tips and techniques and a link back to the site if you publish the information.

Over 270 Back Editions

There are over 270 back editions for you to use and select from.

The Sales Buzz is published by weekly by the Provensalestraining .com website and presents sales techniques that have all been developed by a working sales manager.

All the tips, techniques, and skills have been developed while managing and training sales teams

The training has been proven in real sales situations by sales professionals who depend on the results to keep their jobs and make a living from selling.

Blog it, Publish it, Present to your Teams, Use it for Your own Development.

The 270 back issues are free for you to use to promote and make available effective, practical, and proven sales techniques.

You can use them for your own sales career development.

Sales meetings and training sessions.

Topics for presentations.Use on your company Intranet.

Publish on your website or Blog.

All we ask is a credit back to us and a link back to the website if you publish or print any of the information.

See what you can do with over 270 pages of free sales training by clicking the image above or going to The Sales Buzz Back Issues...

Jul 03, 2015

Latest Opportunities for Self Employed Sales Agents in the UK

See the latest opportunities for self employed sales agents in the UK from .

At we advertise new opportunities for sales agents from principals looking for self employed agents in the UK.

Here are some of the latest opportunities, click the image to see the details:

sales agents

Improving the customer experience through the use of technology

The target markets are shoe shops, Jewellers, Butchers, Opticians, Barbers, DIY stores, Health Clinics and we are flexible to any other markets where you could see a value.

Click the image for more details.

sales agents

Customers can access competitively priced legal services on their own terms

We are now seeking independent sales agents in South London and Southeast areas to assist with developing an Affiliate Network in South London.

sales agents

Could you sell mobile websites and apps to the small business sector.

Appealing Apps provide an Affordable, Feature rich, Mobile app and Mobile Website solution for Small to Medium sized Local businesses whilst also raising funds for Action for Children.

To see all the latest sales opportunities for self employed sale agents go to Sales Agents UK...

Jul 03, 2015

Get More Sales Appointments - With the Sales Buzz

Stop sounding like a salesman wanting an appointment for your own benefit and give your prospects something they want.

See this article on getting meetings with prospects by giving them something that they want.

When you read it and understand the technique you will say, ‘Yeah I already knew that.’

But you’ve never actually put it into action for your products and services.

You’ve always thought, ‘That will work great for someone else,’

It won’t work for everyone, but there are plenty of salespeople that could adapt the technique and increase the number of sales appointments with potential buyers.

To see more click the image above or go to the free weekly sales training ezine The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz – Weekly Sales Training ezine

The Sales Buzz is free. You can view this week’s edition, with no obligation, no catch, and you don’t even have to leave your email address or name. If you like it we hope you will leave your email address and have the weekly ezine delivered to your inbox.

There is a new issue every week with a sales related topic. We keep it brief and focused on sales training with links so you can get more information if the subject interests you.

We get lots of questions into the website and often we use these questions from sales people, like you, as the basis for the training articles.

Take a look at this week’s Sales Buzz on getting more sales appointments...

The Sales Buzz free sales training e-zine is published by the website

Jul 02, 2015

Stop Making Sales Calls and Give Prospects a Valuable Benefit

Who would you rather talk to about your finances, a financial sales person or a financial advisor?

Disguising sales cold calls

They’re both the same they just have different titles.

And you can use that same technique to disguise you sales appointment calls.

Would your prospect’s attention be grabbed by a call from a salesman wanting to meet with them?

Or, would they be more interested in a free survey, a trial of a new service without a contract, an assessment of their current... and you get the picture.

Many sales people know about disguising cold call.

They probably receive plenty of such calls both at home and at work.

But they shy away from using this effective technique to benefit themselves.

When done properly the technique of taking a completely different angle when cold calling prospects for that first sales appointment can be a way of filling your sales diary.

It can be done ethically, professionally, and without any tricks or gimmicks, and best of all it read more...

Jun 30, 2015

Sales People – What Should We Call Them

What job title should a sales person have, and should we always try to disguise our true objective of selling to the people we meet?

sales motivation

Do you want your business title to advertise the fact that you are a sales person?

Should you let the prospect you are meeting know you’re a sales person from the start of the meeting?

And if you’re not going to be called a sales whatever then what job title should you have?

Take a look at an article that discusses both sides of the argument and then decide what title you should have on your business cards.

If you have a small business or manage a sales team this article is important, you could be putting off potential customers before you have even met them. Read the article at What should sales people be called...

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