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Jul 30, 2015

Test Your Sales Prospect Pipeline - This Could Really Surprise You

Test the effectiveness of your sales prospect pipeline and the results could really surprise you.

Want to increase your sales results?

Not happy with the conversion rate of your current sales pipeline?

The answer could be simple and right in front of you.

Your pipeline might not be as hot as you thought it was.

In this week's free sales training ezine, The Sales Buzz, we look at how to test your prospect pipleline and make sure it's working for you.

Your prospect list is the foundation of your sales process. If it isn't full of hot qualified leads then no matter how good your sales skills are you are not going to hit your targets. See how you can check your pipeline in this week's Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz – Weekly Sales Training ezine

The Sales Buzz is free. You can view this week’s edition, with no obligation, no catch, and you don’t even have to leave your email address or name. If you like it we hope you will leave your email address and have the weekly ezine delivered to your inbox.

There is a new issue every week with a sales related topic. We keep it brief and focused on sales training with links so you can get more information if the subject interests you.

We get lots of questions into the website and often we use these questions from sales people, like you, as the basis for the training articles.

Take a look at this week’s Sales Buzz on Checking your sales prospect pipeline...

The Sales Buzz free sales training e-zine is published by the website

Jul 27, 2015

Latest Opportunities for Sales Agents in the UK

See the latest opportunities for self employed sales agents in the UK from .

At we advertise new opportunities for sales agents from principals looking for self employed agents in the UK.

Here are some of the latest opportunities, click the image to see the details:

sales agents

Brand new to the UK market – Tiling adhesive now available in A4 sheets.

We are looking for sales agents, national account managers and distributors across the UK to present this to major DIY chains, major grocers, specialist retailers, online trade and high street independents.

Click the image for more details.

sales agents

Construction - Professional Services Practice

We are seeking sales professionals operating within the construction industry with contacts within contractors, sub-contractors and main clients. Experience selling services is preferable however not essential.

sales agents

£100,000 annual net commission and work from home - Sound too good to be true?

The service we offer is the most innovative and cost-effective management development series available. The IMS model and pricing structure make it the perfect alternative to expensive offsite or in-house programs.

Must live in or near London.

Have a university degree.

Proven sales skills.

Comfortable selling to senior managers in major organisations.

Excellent communication skills.

An all-round sales professional with dedication, motivation and determination to achieve the 6 figure commission on offer.

This is an excellent opportunity for a top quality sales agent.

Think you’re up to it?

To see all the latest sales opportunities for self employed sale agents go to Sales Agents UK...

Jul 23, 2015

A Great Sales Technique for You to Use

Want to see a great sales technique that is currently being used by a national Cable TV and Broadband provider?

A technique that works by getting a great customer response.

sales and marketing

You could also gain:

A pre-sale ready-made hot prospects list.

A way to create desire for your products and services.

A competitive reaction that makes people want your attention.

Use of the scarcity to create value sales technique.

All you have to do is adapt this great sales technique so it will work for you and your marketplace.

And I'll give you some examples on how to do that.

To see more go to our latest business article page at Great Sales Technique...

Jul 20, 2015

Sales Appointment Calls – Try this to Prevent Early Objections

When you next make Sales Appointment calls try this unique technique that prevents objections at the Introduction Stage.

This one simple, unique technique will:

Keep prospects talking to you and not hanging up.

Stops hesitation and excuses.

Motivate prospects to move forward with you.

Gives a reason why they should answer your sales questions.

Smoothly connects the first two stages of the sales appointment call script and quickly gets you into the important part of the call.

If you lose prospects in the early stages of your call, as you are about to ask them questions to see if they qualify as a potential customer, then this appointment setting technique will help you.

It’s unique, many sales trainers don’t even know about it.

Sales managers are unaware of it.

I developed it while working with top class sales appointment makers for a national sales organisation.

They have already proven it works and it could be just what you need to convert more of your cold calls into appointments.

To learn how to use this sales appointment technique open Cold Calling Scripts...

Jul 17, 2015

Sales Agents – Earn £100k Commission - Are you up to It?

Sales agents earn £100k commission with this new opportunity with the Institute for Management studies.

sales agents logo

The company: The Institute for Management Studies.

Founded in 1974 and operating in London since 1984.

IMS is a members-only world-class leadership development organization. Their world-class faculty would be difficult, expensive, and in some cases even impossible, to access for in-house programs.

The service: At The Institute for Management Studies our focus is to provide employees with opportunities to interact with - and learn from - some of the world’s leading management thinkers on an ongoing basis.

Expected comission: £100k. Organizations join IMS because they have developed a commitment to educate and develop their employees.

The person: The principal is looking for a top quality proven sales agent in the London area.

Expected comission: £100k.

Must have a university degree.

Proven sales skills.

Comfortable selling to senior managers in major organisations.

Excellent communication skills.

An all-round sales professional with dedication, motivation and determination to achieve the 6 figure commission on offer.

This is an excellent opportunity for a top quality sales agent.

Think you’re up to it? Learn more about this role...

This Sales agent opportunity is being advertised by, the leading website specialising in connecting principals advertising self employed agent opportunities with sales agents looking for new products and services to sell.

To all the sales opportunities being advertised go to

To leave a comment on the blog go to Sales Training Blog comments...

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