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The Sales Buzz Issue 64-How to sell anything Step 3 Call to Action
February 23, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

Step 3 of How to Sell Anything
The Call to Action

Two weeks ago we looked at Profiling Sales Prospects to get the best sales conversion rate..

Last week in step 2 of our 3 step selling process we focused on how to present your product to the prospects to get the best response.

..To see earlier issues click the link below and you can catch up on the first two steps..

This week in step 3 we look at the call to action. This is the fun bit where you get a return for all the work you have put in profiling prospects in step 1 and selling the benefits in step 2.

What I like about the call to action step is that it's customer friendly and works on the win - win principle for you and your prospects.

Scroll down the page and see more on The Call to Action...

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Step 3 - The Call to Action - The desired outcome

Over the last 2 weeks we have looked at the first steps of a 3 step process on how to sell anything.

The 3 step process to sell absolutely anything

Step 1. Prospect profiling for effective targeting.

Step 2. Professional presentation of your product’s benefits

Step 3. Call to action that closes the sale.

To see the free sales training newsletters that focus on Steps 1 & 2 just click the links above and you’ll open them in a new window. Then come back here and carry on with step 3.

This week we look at
Step 3 The Call to Action

At the end of every sales pitch, advert, webpage, and newsletter, there should be a call to action

Whether you are writing an advert, publishing a webpage, selling face to face or on the telephone, or trying to make sales appointments, at the end of your presentation of benefits there should be a call to action.

Last week we left our 3 Step process on how to sell anything at the point where we had presented the benefits of what we had to offer the buyer or reader.

We had discussed adding a trial close just to test the water and see the reaction.

Now we are looking to capitalize on the benefits we have presented and get an action from the sales prospect.

Ideally this will be a win – win situation. In return for the benefits we have offered the customer answers our call to action.

An example of win – win selling
and a call to action

Let me use this free newsletter you are reading now as an example of the 3 Step sales process and a win – win call to action.

Step 1 Profiling the prospects

In this example the newsletter, and links and adverts for it, have been placed around the Internet to catch the attention of people with an interest in sales training. By using keywords that potential readers will look for I have profiled my prospects.

Step 2 Selling the benefits

In each edition of the newsletter, including this one, I have given the reader free sales training, articles, comments, and links to information that may be of benefit to them. The 3 Step process on how to sell anything is one of those benefits.

Step 3 The call to action

At the end of this page is the call to action. Or in this case several calls to action.

The call to action, that could give the reader and me a win – win outcome, are the links to sales workbook courses that expand on this idea of a stepped process for selling.

The workbook courses have a small cost but the reader has already seen some of the benefits they could gain when they read this page, and the 2 previous issues of the newsletter.

So the call to action is:

If you would like to gain the benefits of a structured sales process for building a sales pitch, or for making appointment setting telephone calls, then take the action of clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

Then compare the small cost of the workbook courses with the benefits you could gain and decide which one to buy.

Another way to look at the call to action

When you click the links further down the page, and read the information and benefits you can gain from the training, you will look at the price of the workbook courses.

When you see that the potential value of the courses exceeds the investment cost you will make a buying decision. This is how you can sell anything with a 3 Step process.

So what’s your call to action

What is your most desired outcome or outcomes to your advert, sales page, presentation or phone call to a sales prospect?

What is it that you want the buyer to do?

Whatever it is you now ask them to do it.

Your sales pitch should have given them good reasons, by way of benefits, to take action. The action could be to contact you, agree to meet, buy something, click on a link, or some other action that will benefit both you and the prospect.

As a sales manager and coach I often see sellers present a very good sales pitch and then not ask for a call to action. You also see it on adverts that don’t have a next step for potential buyers and web pages that offer information but poor instructions on what to do to learn more.

Don’t make the same mistake. Add a call to action to your sales process.

The 3 steps of How to Sell Anything

  • Target prospects that will want what you offer
  • Present the benefits they could gain
  • Ask them to take action

Now the Calls to action I promised you earlier

The same process we discussed earlier. A customer friendly way to sell where you show potential benefits to a profiled prospect, ...That’s you by the way..

Then the prospect decides that the small cost is worth the benefits they could receive. And if you have a money back guarantee it is even more customer friendly and will result in more sales.

Build your own unique sales pitch

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Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

Expanding on the theory behind the 3 step process to make effective appointment setting calls.

This professional sales appointment training workbook will help you build all the stages of an effective sales appointment call.

The benefits of both of these workbook courses is that you get a step by step program to follow complete with exercises to build your sales process.

Used by working sales professionals and giving you everything you need for a fast acting appointment setting course that you can download and start using today.

And I give you the benefit of a money back guarantee if you don’t get the results you want.

Click the link or the image and see how my team keep their diaries full by cold calling to make sales appointments.

You can see the benefits of building your own cold calling script by opening the Appointment Setting Cold calling Techniques page.

Now you have seen the full 3 Step process on how to sell
absolutely anything

This page, and the earlier issues with the first 2 steps of the process, are a working example of the 3 step process in action. All you have to do is adapt it for your sales role.

Short and to the point - Easy to read - Simple to put into action

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

The Sales Buzz

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Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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