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The Sales Buzz Issue 62-How to Sell Absolutely Anything
February 09, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

How to Sell Absolutely Anything

Free Sales Training on a 3 step sales process

How to sell anything gives you free sales training on a 3 step selling process that works for everyone in sales.

Step 1 looks at how to sell effectively by sales prospects profiling. Whether you are a small business marketing via visual adverts, or a sales professional cold calling and door knocking, you can use prospect profiling to make the most of your sales time.

Stes 2 & 3 take you through presenting your products visualy via marketing and verbally on the telephone or face to face.

Scroll down the page and see How to sell absolutley anything...

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How to sell absolutely anything.

This simple free sales training works for all products and services.

Whether you are marketing your small business with adverts or contacting your sales prospects direct.

These sales tips quickly take all sales people from marketing and prospecting to closing the deal.

These sales tips work for professionals, small business sales, self employed service providers, and amateurs wanting to make some extra money part time.

The 3 steps to a sale

Step 1. Prospect profiling to target the most effective market group.

Step 2. Professional presentation of your product and its benefits

Step 3. Call to action that closes the sale.

Step 1. Prospect Profiling

The first step is to find a way to target prospective buyers that may have a need for your product or service.

One of the best sales tips I can give you, and one that works well for my sales teams, is to accurately target the prospects you approach.

Yes, I know, it sounds simple.

But you would be amazed at how many sales people I see wasting their time by pitching to people that cannot or will never buy from them.

I’ve seen sales people lose their jobs because they were doing great sales pitches to the wrong people.

I have worked with small businesses to increase their sales and found that their marketing campaigns were a shotgun approach.

They aimed at wide market areas, usually because it was cheaper than specializing.

The majority of prospects that saw their adverts or picked up their sales calls, were not the target market that would buy their products.

I can sell anything to anyone

I hear it all the time. I have the gift of the gab, I can sell anything to anyone, I can sell coals to Newcastle, sand in the desert, snow in Alaska, and many more ridiculous statements.

Why would you want to waste your time selling to people outside or on the edges of your target market?

Focus your time and resources on the prospects most likely to buy your products and services. Harvesting low hanging fruit is the most effective use of your time.

Who are your target market

A good sales tip on how to sell anything is to look for ways that you know will hit a large number of prospects in your target group.

Getting your products or services seen is not enough. You must get them seen by potential buyers that are within your target market.

Whether you are running a small business, or selling a one off item, start by writing a description of the buyers that have a need for what you are selling. This is good sales training that will work at all levels of the selling profession and show you how to sell anything.

These sales tips work for wherever you advertise or how you market. Whether it’s printed adverts, radio, TV, Web based, telesales, face to face or door knocking. If you write a description of your ideal customer you can choose the best way to market for your sales.

Then there’s more benefits

When you have a description of your ideal customers there are more sales benefits.

Not only will it give you information on how to approach and market for your best prospects, having a description of them will help you with the content of your sales pitch.

Again it doesn’t matter what combination of verbal and visual marketing and sales prospecting you do. To know how to sell anything you use your prospect description to aim your content at your market.

It’s a sniper approach, less bullets, better conversion rate, and in the long run the most cost effective.

Have you thought about selling on the Internet?

Here’s some information that I found really useful when I set up this website. Open How to sell online and see how many other people, with no experience, have made use of the Internet to make money.

How to sell anything-First Action

Action 1.

Write a detailed description of your perfect sales prospect.

This is prospect profiling. Go into detail. What do they do that makes them a prospect. What will they do with your product, and more important what will the product do for them.

Now write an advert, telesales script, or face to face sales introduction that will feel to them like a personal message.

Take the profile and put yourself into the sales prospects mindset. Go through a typical day they would have and look for key elements that you can use:

Where do they go, what do they see and hear. This is where your small business marketing should be placed.

What time of day is best to contact these people by telephone. Here’s a good example:

Example of Prospect Profiling

When I ran a telesales operation, contacting prospects in small to medium businesses, Friday was one of our least productive days. People were looking forward to the weekend, getting last minute jobs finished, or leaving work early.

So we profiled our ideal sales prospects to identify those that would be most receptive to a sales call on a Friday.

Several of us got around a table and went through the details and description of our perfect Friday prospect. We looked for time availability, attitude on the day, what they were focusing on, eg. The weekend sports games, time at home with the family, a good Friday night out, or work related actions.

We got into the typical prospect’s mind.

..Yes, there were some people that started to take on the role of TV FBI psychological profilers. Their accents changed, they started jumping to conclusions with no evidence and they had to be brought back to reality...

Our profiles, used alongside feedback and experience, highlighted that businesses that were open on a Saturday may be receptive to telesales calls on a Friday.

This was something we hadn’t thought about before. If you work on a Saturday as well as a Friday you are not going into weekend mode during Friday afternoon. You are still focused on work.

The prospects were sorted into weekend businesses and non weekend opening. Half the telesales floor called the weekend list and half contacted the non-weekend businesses.

The results proved our theory conclusively. Cold calling the companies that opened at weekends turned Fridays into effective sales days with results as good as a Thursday or a Tuesday. (Wednesday was still the most productive day)

This is just one example of prospect profiling.

If you get this prospect profiling right you will increase your conversion rate of prospects becoming customers. You will increase your sales, grow your business, and earn more money.

In next week’s issue of the Sales Buzz

Once your marketing and cold calling has got your prospect’s attention how do you present your products.

Next week we look at step 2 in our three step selling process. You have the attention of the prospect so how do you keep it and move towards the closing of the sale.

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