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The Sales Buzz Issue 63-Free sales training on selling with benefits and features
February 17, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

Selling with Features and Benefits

Last week we looked at Profiling Sales Prospects. This week in step 2 of our 3 step selling process we focus on how to present your product to the prospects to get the best response.

It’s a simple sales technique. You present what the buyer could gain rather than facts about your product. It grabs the buyer’s interest and attention.

So why do so many sales people either not use it or do it badly. Get this free sales training on using benefits and features to increase sales and add it to the simple 3 step process on how to sell absolutely anything.

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Selling with Features and Benefits

In last week’s edition of the Sales Buzz free sales training newsletter we looked at the 3 step process on how to sell absolutely anything.

Step 1. Prospect profiling to target the most effective market group.

Step 2. Professional presentation of your product’s benefits.

Step 3. Call to action that closes the sale.

Step 1 was Prospect Profiling.

An effective prospecting technique that gets you in front of more potential buyers which are likely to buy from you. This increases the productivity of your time, converts more sales pitches into sales, and increases your results while you earn more commission or grow your business.

If you missed last week’s edition and want to cover Step 1 first, leave Sell the Features and Benefits and open How to sell Absolutely Anything, then return here for Step 2.

Step 2. Selling the Benefits and Features

Your buyers want to know what the product will do for them, how they will benefit, not a list of boring features.

How to sell anything using benefits

Your buyers, potential customers, or shoppers, will buy from you if they can see a benefit that they need or want and that benefit is worth the price you are charging.

A good example, which has been well used in sales training, is a buyer looking for an electric drill.

The buyer doesn’t want a drill. They want the hole the drill will make.

To sell this customer a drill you show them how easy it is to make a hole with the drill.

The hole is the benefit.

When you question a buyer about the benefits they want, and they tell you they want a hole, don’t bore them with features of the drill such as: speed, power, and technical specifications.

Tell them, or even better show them, how good it is at making holes.

Benefits are what the customer gets. Features are the tools that deliver the benefits

Free sales training on sales benefits

To know how to sell absolutely anything you must learn the benefits of what you are selling.

Here’s some free sales training that will earn you money.

...The free sales training is the feature.. earn you money is the benefit..

List all the features of your products. Take a piece of paper and write down a long list of features.

Then next to each feature write a list of all the benefits a customer could gain from it.

At first the benefits are obvious and you can easily add them to your list. Then they become more difficult. This is where you will gain an advantage on the competition. Keep going with your list and you will be able to link more benefits, which customers ask for, to your products.

Use this free sales training for
all types of sales

Face to face sales, telesales, direct sales, B2B, and even adverts and web based sales

Would you read an advert that lists all the features of a product?

Or would your attention be grabbed by a few compelling benefits that you could gain?

Give me benefits every time. Why? Because just like you I’m selfish. When I buy something I do it for what I get out of the sale.

Even if I am buying from a charity stall I buy for my reasons. It could be I feel good about giving to the charity, or because I got a bargain, but it will be for me.

So if you are writing an advert, designing a flyer, or writing a web page, fill it full of potential benefits for the reader. If you do that you will make more money.

...See, that last line is a benefit for the reader..

If you make telesales calls or sales appointments over the phone, you have to use potential benefits not sales features. Just like adverts, people want to hear about the benefits they could gain.

Now test yourself

Choose a feature of your product and present all the benefits that the feature could give to a customer.

Then select a benefit that a buyer may want and present all the features that can give the benefit to the buyer.

If you work with someone else that really wants to succeed, do the exercise with each other.

One of you plays the prospect and the other the seller. The buyer has a sales benefit that they want from the product. The seller presents the sales features and how they will give the benefits to the buyer.

Start adding a smooth closing question on the end and you will have a natural sounding sales presentation using features and benefits, and a trial close.

Learn how to do this effectively and you will have sales training that will help you to sell absolutely anything.

Do you really want to succeed?

Do you want a professional sales training course in a workbook that shows you how to do this really effectively?

You can learn how to build a great presentation using features to highlight benefits.

And you also get the complete course with step by step instructions to build a sales pitch from the first introduction to closing the sale.

To see more open Sales Training Workbook Course or click the image, and teach yourself how to use Features and Benefits to make money.

In next week’s issue

You’ve taken step 1 and profiled your prospects.

In this week’s issue you have added the use of sales features and benefits to sell to the prospects you have profiled.

Next week we look at adding that call to action.

Whether you are selling face to face, retail, direst sales or telesales, the whole point of your communication with a prospect is to get them to take action.

Even when writing an advert or a web page like this one, the aim is to get the reader to take an action. Next week we show you how.

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