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The Sales Buzz Issue 320 - Two Types of Prospects - Two Different Approaches
July 01, 2016

Two Types of Prospects - Two Different Approaches

Two types of prospects, Virgin and Existing Users, and you need two very different approaches and sales scripts to make appointments and sell to them.

You may be selling the same products and services to both, but the way you sell should be targeted at each one.

Some sales people create appointment calls and sales scripts for their particular sales offer.

You'll get far better results creating scripts for the prospects you are talking with.

If that means two sales scripts, then that's not a problem, they're easy to create.

Here's why you need two sales scripts...

Two Types of Prospects - Virgin and Existing Users

Two types of prospects and two very different approaches should be used.

A Virgin Prospect

A virgin prospect is one that doesn't use a product or service similar to the ones that you sell.

If you were selling dishwasher machines and a prospect currently washes their dishes by hand, they are a virgin prospect. Here are some thoughts to consider about selling to virgin prospects:

1. The benefits you present will be comparing what your sales offer can do for them against their current situation. That usually means you have plenty of really good benefits to present.

2. It could be a big increase financially for the prospect to pay for a product or service if they are currently managing without one. Presenting financial benefits, and converting them into a monetary figure, can be a good sales technique. Example: saving time and costs, increased productivity, higher quality output, lower input.

3. You are selling a change, unless the prospect brings it up try to stick to comparing what you can offer to what they do now and don't mention your competitors or their products and services.

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Existing User

An existing user is a prospect that uses something similar to what you are offering.

Using our dishwasher seller example, the prospect already has a dishwasher machine and you are trying to replace it. Thoughts on selling to Existing users:

1. The benefits you present will be comparing your sales offer to the similar service or product they have. The differences may be small and knowing all the features and related benefits of your sales offers is a good sales technique.

2. The prospect is already paying for a product or service that does something similar to what you are offering, so it's probably not a big financial outlay for them compared to the current situation.

3. Because they already have a similar product or service you will be selling against your competitor's solutions so you need to know all about what they offer.

Two Types of Prospects - Two Sales Scripts

It may be the same product or service that you are selling, but the approach to your two different prospects should use two different scripts.

For a virgin prospect your sales script is all about what your sales offer will do for them when they invest in changing from their current situation.

For example, washing dishes the old fashioned way compared to using a dishwasher.

The presentation should focus on systems and services new to them, and products that give them benefits that outweigh the costs of investment.

For those existing users that already have something doing something similar to what your sales offer can do, your sales script should be all about the difference between the two solutions and good benefits that will motivate change.

Sales people often ask me, which of the two different prospects are easier to sell to?

Neither is more difficult, but they are two very different scripts and approaches. If sellers are finding one of the two types more difficult then they probably need a new approach and a new script for that type of prospect.

You can get free sales training online on creating scripts for different types of prospects for both making sales appointments and selling to them at that appointment.

To see training on appointment making see Sales Appointment Scripts

To create new scripts for the meetings with prospects open Sales Process Scripts

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