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stephen craine

Hi, I’m Stephen Craine a working Sales Manager and owner of this website.

I've been in sales for well over two decades, starting as a door to door appliance salesman and moving up into field sales, direct and B2B selling, and telesales.

Moving to larger companies I've been a trainer and a manager in a range of markets and industries selling both products and services.

To survive in sales for this long I've had to develop techniques and skills that work in real selling situations, and disregard the ones that only work in the classroom.

And that’s what this website is all about. It offers you sales training that generates results in real selling situations, from the viewpoint of a working manager. 

Read on for more information about us and the training you’ll find as you click right around the site...

NLP, Motivation Coaching and Sales Training

From my own self-development training I've incorporated skills from other disciplines into the training such as:

NLP, Peak Performance Coaching, Jungian psychology theories, Life Coaching skills, Motivation Techniques, and I've been lucky enough to work on projects with a Hypnotherapist.

When you look at the pages and the courses you'll see the influence of the above disciplines.

As I tried out these techniques I stuck to the same principle; keep what works and develop it, and disregard what doesn't work even if it’s fashionable, scientific, or comes wrapped up in hype and buzzwords.

What you get is only what has been proven to work.

My Goal When Creating This Website

My goal is to make alternative sales training, which comes from over 2 decades of experience, available to all sales people.

The free information on the site pages, and in the free eBooks, is based on the techniques I've picked up throughout my career. It will help you to increase your results, increase your income, and grow your business.

But for real dynamic changes to your results now, and for your long term career development, take a look at the 4 professional eBook courses.     

The 4 courses contain step by step instructions and exercises that quickly give you the effective sales skills that I've acquired over the last two decades. You decide where it's right for you to start.

To see more information on the 4 Professional Courses click the image in the right column or go to Sales Training Courses. 

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4 Sales Training Courses in One Package

All 4 sales training courses in one complete package and with a special 30% discount on the usual price.

In this training course package you get:

1. Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

2. Selling Success using a sales process

3. Overcoming Sales Objections

4. How to Close a Sale

These 4 Sales Training Courses have increased sales for:

Employed sellers,
Small business owners,
Self employed people who sell their own services.

And they have been used by managers to train their teams.

A professional training course that will give you increased sales and job security.

See more information and how you can start using all 4 courses today by opening 4 Sales Training Courses...

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