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The Sales Buzz Issue 80 - A special offer as a thank you for your support
July 07, 2010

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Also in this edition of The Sales Buzz:

Corporate gifts – freebies – handouts – Do they work?

Last week we looked at aligning you or your business with people or organisations as a marketing technique. This included marketing techniques such as a retailer’s name on a shopping bag.

If you missed last week’s issue you can see all the back issues at Sales Buzz – Back Issues...

This week we look at marketing handouts, freebies, pens, company calendars etc, and we ask, do they work?

Scroll down to Corporate gifts – freebies – handouts – Do they work for some eye opening viewpoints that could change your ideas on marketing and save you or your company money.

Sales News - A new addition to the Sales Buzz

We look at sales and marketing stories in the news from around the world.

This week: What did Takeshi Ueno, head of Japanese chic sunglasses manufacturer Zoff, wave around in a managment meeting.

ebay: As a man gest a £5000 fine for bidding on his own items, how safe are online auctions.

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Corporate gifts – freebies – handouts
Do they work?

Many of us hand out marketing material with our company name on and we never think about whether it ever produces any sales. If it doesn’t then the money is better spent elsewhere.

Pens, calendars, note pads, cups, mouse mats, memory sticks and many other small items that can be found on our customer’s desks have all been used as marketing tools.

The theory is:

We give the customer a useful item with our name on it and they are so grateful that they will give us more business.

Our contact details will always be at hand as the item will always be kept close, and who knows, maybe other people will see it and they might want to contact us as well.

Has it ever worked?

Have you ever received a single call from someone that got your name from a coffee mug that you gave to them or their colleagues.

I see intelligent sales people and small business owners handing out stacks of calendars and diaries to their customers at New Year.

On all other types of marketing and advertising they invest in these same people measure the return on their outlay. But every year they hand out the freebies to customers and prospects and they have no idea if they ever get any new business in return.

Does anyone actually still use an old fashioned diary?
Most people have one on their phone and their laptop, they may even synchronise with each other.

It’s time to get creative

Turn the situation on its head and ask yourself: What return do I want from the marketing gifts I hand out.

Handing out gifts and hoping a prospect will reciprocate by giving us some business, or recommending us to someone else, is old fashioned, out of date, and a poor use of your marketing budget.

Get creative and look at new ways of getting your number in front of customers and prospects. The techniques that follow are aimed at sales operations with repeat business customers. But, with some thought, you can adapt the ideas for all types of sales.

What do you want prospects and customers to do

Ask yourself what is the purpose of your free gift to your customers and prospects.

Is it given just because they expect something from you at certain times of the year. Or, do you want your free gifts to actually do something for you.

So let’s start by thinking about the action you want the marketing gifts to encourage the customer to take. If you want the customer to phone you the next time they are thinking of buying, will a pen with your contact details on it really do that.

No, it won’t.

The only use the pen will have in this scenario is to give them your number once they have decided to take that action.

So how can you give the customer something that will motivate them to use you the next time they want to order.

Here’s a list:

Money off vouchers for next order.

Discounts on next purchase.

Regular emails with current offers and prices.

Newsletter with industry news, tips, and advice, and something to call your repeat buyers to action.

Invite to lunch with a presentation of the latest products, and a special low price if they order on the day.

Customer points every time they order.
This works well with petrol and gasoline suppliers and supermarkets and repeat business retailers, and it could be right for your business. The points you give can then be used to claim free gifts that customers actually want.

I like the points system because it motivates buyers to collect points so they can get a reward. There are many companies that will run this service for you.

Above there are just a handful of ideas but I hope they will get you thinking about getting a return on your investment into free marketing gifts.

What are your ideas and tips for effective use of marketing materials. Share your ideas on the Blog by opening
The Sales Blog...

Sales & Marketing in the news

The latest news round up from around the world.

ZOFF, a maker of cheap, chic glasses in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district, is hardly a place you would expect to find dedicated followers of management theory. But one day its boss, 38-year-old Takeshi Ueno,
came into a staff meeting waving...

An eBay trader has been given a community service order and made to pay nearly £5,000 in fines and costs for bidding on his own items to increase the price. See how widespread this practice is before you buy on ebay again...

Year's hottest weekend ensures buoyant sales of sun-related products. Sales of air-conditioning units and desk fans surged this weekend as sun-basking Britons sought to cool down in the sweltering dry heat. Read the story and think if you could take advantage of this sales opportunity...

BERLIN — The world's "most valuable" Internet domain name,, went up for grabs on Thursday having fetched 12 million dollars in 2006, a German firm handling the sale said on Thursday. Read more about

If you have a news story you think we should share, send details through our website Blog by opening The Sales Blog...

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