How To Close A Sale and
Gain The Rewards

How to close a sale will give you more sales, and more rewards, for the same amount of sales activity you do now.

By making your selling time more effective and closing more sales, you will convert more prospects into buying customers.

This compact and easy to use sales training workbook shows you how to:

  • Close sales with confidence
  • Make the sales close a natural part of your sale
  • Use the most effective sales closing techniques for your product

Do you sell as part of your role

If you sell for a living, own a business, or are self employed, and you sell products or services, you want the best return on the time you spend selling.

The aim of this sales training course is to gain you more sales from the buyers you try and sell to. More sales, and rewards, for the same amount of work you do now.

This is one of the sales training courses I have developed and use with the sales teams I manage and train in my role as a working sales manager. The course has proved successful for other working sales professionals, and will be equally successful for you.

The sales closing course includes

Avoid common sales closing mistakes
How to close a sale will show you how to avoid common closing mistakes, and using the right sales closing techniques with confidence, you will close more sales and earn more money.

Sales Training on 3 types of sales closing
Learn to choose the right way to close for your product or service, and how to put it into action effectively.

One line closes
Great for emotion based sales such as retail and impulse purchases

Sales presentation leading to a close
How to close a sale by grabbing their attention and adding a close onto a sales presentation. Works for products of all values and can be adapted for any market place.

Closing as part of the sales process
How to weave closing the sale into the sales process starting with the introduction. Great for large ticket items, technical sales and some service selling.

Take a look before you buy
You can take a look at a sample of the training course before you buy by opening Sales Closing Skills...

What you get

This sales training course, in a compact training workbook, will show you everything you need to learn how to close a sale.

Click the Buy Now button and download the course now for just £9.99

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40 Pages of straight to the point sales training on closing sales.

No waffle to pad out hundreds of pages, and no complicated selling techniques that don’t work outside of the sales training classroom.

Sales training designed for sales people to pick up quickly and easily put into action in real sales situations, not just training role plays.

You can download the course to your PC now and start using it today.

A complete training course on How to Close a Sale for just £9.99

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Safe payment

All sales are processed by the secure Pay Pal site and you can use debit or credit card, or your existing Pay Pal Account.

If you have any problems downloading or using the eBook, or any questions, simply contact me via the contact pages on this website.

I would also really appreciate your feedback or suggestions on the site or the eBook, and you can leave your comments at Learn sales skills comments.

The Benefits of using
How to Close a Sale

Consider these questions and see if this course is right for you:

How many potential customers do you try and sell to each week?

And how many of them do you convert to buying customers?

What would it mean to you if you increased that number?

Would better closing techniques, that have worked for many other working sales professionals, help you to increase your sales, and give you the rewards you could be earning?

I’m a working sales manager and I rely on the results of this course with my sales team. It’s proven everyday in real sales situations. It’s designed to help sales people, like you, to achieve your goals.

Download and start using today for just £9.99

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Would you like to see a sample of the course before you buy.

You can see a section of the training course and see if you like the content and the style by opening a new page of Sales Closing Skills...

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