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The Sales Buzz Issue 336 - Learn How Sales Prospects Process Information
November 27, 2016

Learn How Sales Prospects Process Information

To Boost Your Communication Skills

Recognise how sales prospects process the information you are communicating to them and boost the impact of your sales message.

When you know how to read your prospects and see how they want to receive information, you can tell your story in a way that touches them.

The information will smoothly align itself with their internal processes and they will pick up and see what you are saying.

As a sales person your words are your way of making a living, growing your business, and gaining your rewards.

Read on and see how to get even better at what you do well…

Transmit as They Want to Receive

Last week we discussed how your sales prospects process the information you give them using their visual, hearing, and thinking/feeling senses. If you missed it, you can see last week’s Sales Buzz.

So now you know how your sales prospect is receiving and processing your message, how are you going to use that knowledge to communicate more effectively and persuade more prospects to buy from you?

When you transmit your message using language with the same sensory based words that your sales prospect processes your information with, your message will be better understood.

If you don’t, it’s like sending a TV signal to a prospect listening with a radio.

People Talk in Different Sensory Modalities

Sales people, and anyone communicating to others, use the wrong sensory communication channel all the time.

They’re not to know, without this sales training you wouldn’t even know about the internal sales prospect’s processes. The result is confusing communication and you will hear the evidence with responses such as:

‘I don’t see what you’re saying.’

‘From what you’ve shown me I feel...’

‘I’d say that you think…’

All mixed sensory responses that are saying, or showing, or thinking, that the two people are communicating in different sensory modalities.

Now see a better way of communicating using the same sensory modality as the sales prospect.

Tune in to Your Sales Prospects Processes

The words your prospect uses will indicate which sensory modality they are using to process the information you are giving them. As discussed in last week’s Sales Buzz.

Once you know which modality they are using, you can tune your communication to the same one and turn up the effectiveness of your words.


When you see a prospect is using their visual senses to process, you use words linked to the visual senses such as, see, view, look, give me a picture, and there are many more. Your message will also be vastly improved by using visual aids to support your message, flip charts, Power Point, or video.


To connect with a prospect using the sensory modality of hearing, or auditory modality, you should use words such as listen, hear, tell me.

Verbal presentations will work well, and you should support your message with written words such as copies of feedback from delighted buyers.

Feeling / Thinking

For sales prospects processing with their feelings and thinking, ask them if they understand. Use words related touching and physically feeling things. Impact, touch, rub, conflict, feel, sense, are al feeling related words that these prospects will find comfortable. There’s another one, comfortable.

Prospects using the modality of feelings and thinking to internally process information will respond well to having something to hold and touch.

If you have a sample of your product they will feel it, if you have a model they will want to get interactive, and if you have written information give them a copy to hold while they read it.

Boost the Impact of Your Sales Presentations

Use the free sales training here, and in last week’s Sales Buzz, to boost the impact of your sales presentations, and all other parts of your sales process, by recognizing how sales prospects process what you are communicating to them.

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