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The Sales Buzz Issue 335 - Processing Sales Information - Did you know?
November 16, 2016

Processing Sales Information

Did you know?

Your prospects and customers are processing sales information right in front of you in your sales meetings with them, but were you aware of what was happening.

When people take in and process information they will prefer one of their senses over the others.

If you can spot which of the senses they are using, you can tailor your information to make it easier for them to process it.

This will make the communication between you much more effective, and your sales prospects and customers will enjoy the meeting.

Your customers and prospects will use one or more of the following ways of processing sales information.

Visual - They are thinking in pictures.

Hearing - They are using self talk to process information.

Feeling - They are using feelings, emotions, and logical thinking.

Using a Preferred Sense When Processing Sales Information


When your selling to people who are using visual senses when processing sales information to make buying decisions, they will give you certain clues.

As they process thoughts they look upwards, sometimes slightly other times almost rocking back in the chair. Their eyes can focus far away as if they're looking past you into the distance.

The words they use align with the process and you'll spot reference to visualisation with phrases such as, seeing what I'm saying, or let me make it clear.


Buyers using self talk and auditory senses for taking in and processing sales information will usually hold their gaze at eye level.

Their words can include phrases such as, You haven't heard what I'm saying, or I can read the signs.


When people are in feeling mode they often look down towards the floor as they think about your proposal. But look for signs of combining the use of feeling with visual or hearing to process information.

So a look upwards with a far away focus, followed by a look down to the floor, could mean they have created an internal picture or video of what you have just said and then used their feelings to consider it further.

Feeling mode gives clues in speech such as, I feel, thinking about it, you touched on something.

How to use This Sales Training

The above is a very brief overview of what can be happening as your prospects are processing sales information that you present, and using it to make a decision on whether to do business with you.

Maybe you weren't aware of how this works, or the fact that it was happening right there in front of you in your sales meetings.

Now you know, how do you use it to communicate more effectively with your customers, prospects, and even your colleagues and staff?

See next week's Sales Buzz for the answers.

In the meantime, start watching all the people you interact with and look for clues as to which sense they are preferring as they talk and process information.

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