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The Sales Buzz Issue 319 - Important Sales Question to Ask Before Any Actions
June 15, 2016

Important Sales Question to Ask Before Any Actions

An important sales question you must ask before any actions are taken is, where will the sales come from.

Before you plan your sales strategy.

Run training courses.

Invest in marketing campaigns.

Or take prospecting actions, be clear about where you expect the sales revenue to come from.

Will it be more sales to existing customers, or are you targeting new business?

Before you invest in any sales actions you should ask this important sales question so you can target you actions on your specific target market.

Training, advertising, and all sales actions are completely different for both target groups. Making a decision on who you are targeting will get you the best return on your investment.

I always advise businesses I'm working with to consider this question before we start planning any actions.

You can target both groups, that's fine, and it's a good sales strategy. But always remember the two groups require very different approaches and should be treated at separate campaigns.

Important Sales Question
Who's Your Target

Selling to new customers is totally different to selling to existing customers.

Your existing customer know you, and you probably know about them and their buying habits, who their decision makers are, and their needs, wants, and desires.

Targeting new prospects is different.

You may not know anything about them other than they could have problems you can solve and need you can fulfill.

There are good reasons why you would want to target both of these groups but the actions required by you to gain sales from the two groups are totally different.

So you need to be really clear at the outset as to which group you are dealing with and how you will prepare.

If you're a sales professional about to meet with a prospect you know you should have a completely different approach for new customers that you don't currently do business with, compared to existing customers you are trying to cross-sell to.

You will have a completely different script for your sales appointment calls and the sales process when you meet with them.

To help you with this you can get free sales training on creating Sales Appointment Scripts...

And for the words you use when you meet with them and go through the Sales Process...

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