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The Sales Buzz Issue 55-Goal setting - Hypnotherapy - and Women in the workplace
December 08, 2009

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In this Issue of The Sales Buzz

Womanhood - Women at work

Women at work is a hot topic on the website at the moment. We have a special guest writer that’s going to explore womanhood issues such as stress, balancing work and home life, and obstacles career women face at work.

You can ask questions and see discussions and answers on work, balancing home or family life, women in careers such as sales, management positions, and leadership.

This new section of the site will cover all aspects of being a working woman today. Scroll down the page and see more on women at work...

Do you know what hypnotherapy could
do for you?

Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I have recommended to many of my staff and private clients. For some it has been the key they were looking for to get past the things that were holding them back.

For anyone in a sales, managment, or business role, hypnotherapy can have some great benefits that do more than just make you feel great, they give you real improvement to your effectivenes and your results. Scroll down and see what hypnotherapy could do for you...

What are your career and personal goals?

It's that time of year when people start thinking about goals for the future. Call them what you want: Goals, Objectives, Wishes, or Resolutions, they are all based on what we want moving forward.

To help you set some goals that will actually happen scroll down and see motivational sales training on goal setting...

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Womanhood - Women at work

Women at work is a brand new section of the website, managed and written by Donna Craine, a practicing hypnotherapist from Manchester UK.

Donna is a successful hypnotherapist with a special interest in working with women and helping them face the issues and obstacles of balancing work and home life. She will also be looking at the challenges women in the workplace come up against.

The Womanhood section of the site gives you the opportunity to ask questions, read what other working women are doing to find success, and see great articles, free information, and interesting interviews.

In the next few weeks you’ll see:

An interview with a successful small business owner and gain insights into how she balanced work and home life.

Sales tips for women on self motivation, communication skills, and visualization.

How hypnotherapy can be used to move those difficult barriers to career success and personal happiness.

For now take a look at the Womanhood section and get involved right from the start.

Do you know what hypnotherapy could
do for you?

As a manager and trainer I have helped many people find personal success by achieving their career goals.

Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I have recommended to many of my staff and private clients. For some it has been the key they were looking for to get past the things that were holding them back.

But it is not just for overcoming negatives, hypnotherapy is a great way to give you a positive boost and get motivated to take that next step in your life or career.

You don’t have to have something wrong to benefit from hypnotherapy.

A qualified hypnotherapist can help with phobias, fears, or beliefs that are holding you back.

They can even help you overcome issues with self image such as weight.

They have been successful with changing habits and resolving the effects of bad experiences.

But what many people don’t realise is that it is a really good way of moving forward positively.

If you want that extra boost of confidence before a job interview then I recommend you invest in hypnotherapy.

Could your sales be increased by increasing your motivation or resilience? Maybe you need to learn how to relax and switch off after work, or even self hypnosis.

How about having assertiveness at your control to use when needed? Or, the ability to calmly make decisions and consider actions?

Sales and sales management is all about attitude. All sales people can benefit from taking conscious control of their motivation, resilience, and how others see them.

If this sounds like something someone like you should know more about, then look for a qualified hypnotherapist and discuss with them what you could gain from working together on your future. Many good practitioners are so confident about their results they give a free first consultation.

If you live in the North of England there is a hypnotherapist I have used myself, and recommended to many others. You can contact
DC Hypnotherapy via the website and have an informal chat about what you could gain.

What are your career and personal goals?

Goals, objectives, resolutions and just general wants, wishes, and desires are on many people’s minds at right now.

Goal setting and achieving success doesn’t just happen. For sales people especially, goal setting can be a great way to hit your personal sales targets and achieve career development.

There are proven techniques that can make goal setting work for you. These have been adapted and developed from the world of NLP and Motivational coaching.

Take a look and see what you could be doing to achieve your goals, resolutions, and wishes at Motivational Sales Training.

Short and to the point - Easy to read - Simple to put into action

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz is the free newsletter for all sales people in all sales roles. If there is a topic you would like to see covered here use the contact form on the website and I'll get the best information, from working sales professionals, to learn sales skills and pass them on to you on this newsletter.

Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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