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The Sales Buzz Issue 337 -Sales Prospect Gestures – What do they mean?
December 05, 2016

Sales Prospect Gestures

What do they mean?

Sales prospect gestures, as they tell you their requirements, will show you how to present back to them in a way that will be readily acceptable to them.

Have you noticed what your prospects do when they talk to you.

They count out requirements on their fingers.

Section the desk with the side of their hand.

They place their thoughts in different places, usually in a sequence.

And if you tag your responses to each of those placed thoughts, they will see exactly what you are saying and pick it up easily.

Here’s an Example

Your sales prospect tells you the 5 benefits that are important for them, and that they must gain from whoever they choose to supply the products or services that you’re meeting with them to discuss.

As they tell you these 5 necessary sales benefits the sales prospect gestures, by grasping their left thumb with their right hand fingers, as they give you their number one need.

Then they grasp their index finger as they say number two, and so on until they reach their little finger and tell you about their fifth requirement.

What Does It Mean?

Do you remember sales prospects doing this while you were talking to them?

Maybe you’ve seen these sales prospect gestures before but never really taken any notice, or perhaps you thought they were just a habit that was insignificant.

When you know to watch and interpret sales prospect gestures you can learn a lot of valuable information about how your prospect organises and processes information as they talk and listen to you.

These gestures tell you how to communicate with them, where they see their words, and where you should place your replies.

See what I’m saying by reading further…

How to Respond

If you want to make it easy for your prospect to pick up and process what you’re saying, you should respond to your prospect in the same way they gave you the information.

If they gave you some key requirements and counted them out on their fingers, as in the example above, then you should count out your replies, showing how you will supply each of those required benefits, on your fingers. Mirroring the sales prospect gestures.

If your prospect chopped the desk as they said what they needed, then chop the desk and place the benefits exactly as they did, as you present back to them.

However your prospect has given you the information, you present back using the same gestures and they will take in your words and processes them with ease.

What’s happening Here?

As people speak they organise their thoughts. They mark some points, or they place their words where they can recollect them, and they use gestures to segregate ideas.

It’s also common to put these marked thoughts into a stepped order. That’s when you see the words counted on fingers or chopped across a desk.

It’s all about organising thoughts spatially. Sometimes you’ll see your prospect looking at an imaginary scenario, piece of machinery, or a process, laid out in front of them.

Their eyes follow the process along this imaginary image as they talk you through it.

Use their imaginary images, where they place their thoughts, and their gestures, to communicate with them on their map of reality and your message will be received and understood because you’ll be talking their language.

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