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The Sales Buzz Issue 324 - Sales Motivation Thoughts - What Can It Do for You
August 02, 2016

Sales Motivation Thoughts
What Can It Do for You

Sales motivation thoughts on what being motivated can do for you as a sales professional.

Your mood, your state, how you feel, all have a direct relationship with how well you sell.

If you're in what we all refer to as a motivated state, you will perform at the top of your sales game.

You will have great resilience and not be put off by rejections.

You will be able to think on your feet and access and use all of your skills.

And you will feel good, your confidence will be high.

But how much training have you had access to on getting motivated and staying in that state?

Here's my sales motivation thoughts, which could lead to you understanding more about your own motivation.

Sales Motivation Thoughts Help You Understand You

As a sales manager you often hear the cries for help when frustration sneaks in and resilience runs out.

'I need motivating.'

But what is motivation in a sales role?

When you take a few minutes to consider what motivation is, and how you get motivated, you'll be able to start coaching yourself and maintain it at a high level.

One of the questions I ask my sales teams is, 'What is motivation, define it for you?'

How would you answer that question? take a few seconds and give it some thought.

My definition of motivation as a sales manager is:

It is the influencing factors that move people to take actions that move them away from what they don't want, and towards what they do want.

How to Start Taking Control of Your Own Motivational State

From the above definition I consider that there are only two things that motivate sales people:

Something they want to move away from, and something they want to move towards. The other key factor is taking actions.

After years of working with sales people here are my sales motivation thoughts on giving them the ability to motivate themselves.

Some people, maybe you, are motivated by moving away from something they don't want and they find it easy to get motivated to take actions when they get close to a 'Don't want' situation. This could be at work or in their personal life.

Examples of 'Don't want' situations:

Low performance that threatens their job.

  • Their business going under.
  • The boss on their back.
  • Debts piling up.
  • Losing their job.

Motivation to take action is an automatic response until they get to a comfort zone away from the 'Don't want' situation.

Other people look forward, at what they want. When they get close to a 'Want' situation they become motivated and take actions to move towards it faster.

Examples of 'Want ' situations:

  • Big commission payment.
  • Signing a big customer.
  • Breaking a record or personal best.
  • Making a big change at home.

These sales people get really motivated only when they get within striking distance of something they want.

So the first sales motivation thoughts for you to consider are, which one am I most like? Someone who is motivated by moving away, or someone who moves towards? The carrot or the stick?

The Next Step to Getting Yourself Motivated

Now you know what motivates you, you can set goals that will make your motivation stronger and influence you to take actions.

When you need motivation you can focus on what you're moving away from, or towards. You can also try switching what motivates you.

If you're a 'Move away' type of person, try looking for what motivates you to look forward at what can be gained.

If you're a 'Move towards' type, is there a time when looking at what you don't want might work for you.

Just considering these sales motivation thoughts could add a whole new dimension to taking control of your motivation.

Find more sales motivation thoughts at sales-motivation

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