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The Sales Buzz Issue 46-Positive Thinking Motivation Technique For Sales People
October 04, 2009

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Positive Thinking Motivation Technique for Sales People and Sales Managers

Positive thinking can give you the ability to see the potential in any situation and gain an advantage on colleagues and competitors.

As you face the daily challenges of working in sales:

objections, obstacles, issues,

Imagine being able to maintain your motivation no matter what was thrown at you.

What would it be like to be able to get the best results from any position.

Move down the page to see how to use this one simple motivation technique ...

How to stay motivated when facing sales objections

Stay motivated when hit with a sales objection. Learn this great technique for getting into your most resourceful and confident state when dealing with sales objections and awkward questions that can stop you closing the sale. Move down the page and see more on this sales objection motivation technique...

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Positive Thinking Motivation Technique For Sales People

Gain the benefits of a positive thinking motivation technique in your sales role and your personal life.

As a sales professional or sales manager you face objections, challenges, and negative situations that are often outside of your control.

Illogical rejection from customers,

decisions and actions made by colleagues

or managers,

or market forces such as pricing,

are all examples of what can be seen as negative situations that we in sales have to deal with.

We all know that this is when our motivation techniques are needed and our confidence can leave us. Without motivation, confidence, and positive thinking, we can’t use our sales skills and attributes to their full potential.

This is why I developed an idea from the world of NLP and now use it as a very successful positive thinking motivation and self improvement technique with my working sales teams. Positive thinking and being motivated have obvious benefits for sales people and sales managers.

But before we get to the actual technique have you thought about the benefits that positive thinking can have on your personal and social life.

Personal benefits of positive thinking and motivation

Motivated people are liked by others and you will receive great benefits in relationships, your social life, and in business and your career. Using positive thinking in all situations, both personal and work related, will open up more choices and pathways for you to follow. You will see new ways to do things, new ideas, and new opportunities.

While others sit around blaming the rest of the world when things go wrong and letting life get them down, you will be looking for the potential positives and moving forward. People will like being around you and your ability to stay motivated in a crisis will be picked up by friends, colleagues, and employers.

What positive thinking will do for you

Now for the positive thinking motivation technique and how to put it into action.

Positive thinking gives you the ability to see the positive possibilities in every situation. You can now use this one simple self improvement technique and gain the many benefits in both your personal and professional life that others miss.

Imagine being able to stop those negative influences from bringing you down. Repelling those that want to get you agreeing that a position is hopeless and life is bad. There is an easy way to get a positive attitude and you can start using this technique today and be seen as a positive person that influences others.

As a manager and trainer I have used this positive thinking technique as a way to motivate employees. It has been really successful and has created a motivational positive environment at work.

I’ve taken motivation techniques from the world of NLP and performance coaching and developed this one easy to use technique. To see how to use it and become an instant positive thinker open Positive thinking motivation technique.

How to stay motivated when facing sales objections

Sales objections happen and we can stop all of them, but we can be at our most resourceful when we answer them.

We all get sales objections and we have all practiced how we will answer them. But when that objection hits us we often feel our confidence draining away and our motivation levels quickly decreasing.

And yet this is the time when we most need our confidence and motivation. We need to be able to put all our sales objection training into action with a confident answer and the motivation to persevere and close the sale.

There are techniques that I have adapted and developed with my working sales teams to put them into their most resourceful state when answering sales objections. It works great for them and now you can see more on this free sales objection training by opening Sales objections motivation technique.

Short and to the point - Easy to read - Simple to put into action

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

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The Sales Buzz

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Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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