Objections To Sales Self Motivation Tips

Objections to sales self motivation tips looks at what impacts your levels of motivation when faced with a sales objections, and how you can control your positive state.

Top business leaders and sports champions use self motivating techniques to overcome challenges and setbacks.

When you face objections to sales you can use the same techniques to be at the top of your game and make the best use of your sales objection skills.

Why do some sales people fail when faced with objections,while others with the same sales training and ability find overcoming objections easy?

The difference is their confidence and self motivation skills when faced with objections to sales.

With effective control of your self motivation you can make the best use of your resources and sales skills. Without it you will fail to make the best use of the skills and experience that you have.

How do you react to objections now?

One of my favourite self motivation tips for dealing with objections to sales is to look at what happens internally when you get hit with a sales objection.

Think back to a sales meeting when buyer that raised a tough objection.

As you look at the memory what did you say to yourself internally at the time

What internal pictures did you make?

..If you don’t think you make internal pictures, what colour is the front door of your house?

Did you make a picture to see the answer?..

The abstract internal pictures we make in response to a situation can be so fast that we don’t realise we have seen them.

Images, reported by some salespeople when hit with an objection to sales include:

Dark or gray pictures, like walking through chewing gum, picturing a quick escape route, self image growing smaller in stature, the buyer growing bigger.

This may just be the first time you’ve brought your internal pictures, self talk, and feelings, into your conscious focus. Now you can take control of them, and your motivation levels, and take the next step.

Reframe your viewpoint
Try this simple test

Step 1

As you sit looking at this screen, put yourself in the most de-motivated, depressed body posture you can manage.

Sit as if you're tired and bored.

..I know you're not.....you find this site really interesting, but humour me...

Put a depressed look on your face, serious, looking down. Rest on your arm, slouch in the chair.

..Some people are very good at this. They've had a lot of practice, You've probably met some of them...


Now try and keep the negative body posture and facial expression, but think of something that gets you motivated. A memory that lights a bright fire and makes you happy, confident, and gets you feeling good.

..I don't need to know what it is, so it can very, very, personal...

Play it like a video in your mind. Step into it , look around, hear the sounds, and smell the air. Touch what's in the memory and relive it to the full.

Keep the video running for a few minutes.

... or longer if you’re enjoying yourself..

Turn up the volume, make the colours more vivid, and enjoy it all over again.

Step 3

Has you body posture or facial expression changed?

Are you still looking down? Or has your body followed your mind and lifted into the happy, motivated memory?

If you did the exercise with some commitment you will have seen a change in your body language.

If you made the pictures in your mind you may have moved your gaze upwards. Some people's shoulders rise and their posture becomes more upright.

You may have noticed changes to your breathing. The depressed facial expression brightens. You should have just experienced one of the best self motivation tips.

The pictures you see, and the words you say to yourself, are linked in a relationship with your body language.

They create how you feel, your self motivation. Sales motivation is all about taking control of the internal words and pictures, and the body language.

To play from a 10, and think on your feet, when dealing with objections to sales, you must be able use these self motivation tips and take control of your state.

Self motivation tips for objections to sales
When the objection hits you

You present your proposal and ask the buyer for the order. The buyer replies with a common objection about the price.

Your motivation at this point is directly related to what you say to yourself, and the internal pictures you make.

Some people see objections as the end of any hope of getting the sale.

Others take it personally, or thought the buyer couldn't be persuaded.

Your face and body language will have reacted to your self-talk and pictures.

If you experienced anything similar to the above you would be de-motivating yourself.

If with your internal voice you said, Oh dear, I think I’ve lost this one, ..or something similar but stronger... you can guess what that will do to your self motivation.

Motivation comes from what’s going on inside. It’s the feelings you get from the pictures you make and the words you say to yourself.

So decide now what you will say to yourself when objections to the sales hit you.

How else could you see the
objections to sales?

Some sales trainers say that all objections to sales. questions, and negative comments, are buying signals. To me that just shows a lack of real selling experience.

Objections are not all buying signals, but that is a good belief to have. Instead of seeing and feeling that an objection to your sales is a barrier that cannot be overcome, see it as a path to closing the sale.

An obstacle that if you can overcome it you win the sale. Not a personal attack by the prospect, but a signthat they haven't seen all the benefits and you need to do some more work.

Take a look around the sales objection section of the site especially the pages on Overcoming sales objections by defining the real objection. There you will see how a buyer views a sales objection and why we get them.

The next step - Picture and hear your success overcoming objcetions

Now put the positive motivation together with an effective process for handling objections.

Using the above techniques, and bringing self motivation into conscious focus, you can now:

  • Stop any negative reactions to sales objections
  • Know the effects of self-talk and internal pictures
  • Can control your state with self- motivation techniques
  • Put yourself into the best possible state to use your skills and experience

Now you want to have the best words and phrases to answer the objections.

Take a couple of minutes of quiet time and run your internal video and watch yourself overcoming a common sales objection. Run it in slow time and decide for yourself how you are going to react to the questions raised by your customer.

In your internal video take control of your motivation. React positively to the objections to sales. Now hear the words you will say to anser the objection.

If you can't see and hear yourself answering the common objection confidently then the next important action for you is to add the best words and phrases to your objection handling.

Motivation is a major part of overcoming objections to sales. But you also need an effective process and the right words to answer objections.

Always use an objecton process, not one line answers or rebuttals. A good objection process will help you define an objection so you know how to answer it. A list of set answers does not respond to the customer's meaning and reasoning behind the objection.

There are many ways to overcome sales objections presented by sales trainers in books, CDs, DVds, and around the Internet.

Here's the one I have developed and use with the working sales teams I manage and train. It works very successfully for us. It has been developed and refined in real sales situations. We have kept it simple and easy to put into action because I want results in teh shortest possible time.

How to overcome sales objections

The sales objection course that I've used successfully with the sales teams I've managed and trained.

  • Learn to use a proven process to overcome sales objections
  • Know exactly what to say and which questiosn to ask
  • Have great confidence as you combine this objection handling course with your own self motivation

And enjoy the benfits of confidently handling sales objections.

If you are not sure of the best way to handle objections then complete this effective sales training workbook course. You'll know what to say at each stage of answering the objections.

Combine this training with the self motivation techniques above and you have a powerful tool to overcome all barriers to sales.

The skills and techniques in this workbook course are used successfully everyday by the sales teams I manage and train.

You can download the workbook course today and put it into acton in just a few hours.

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