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The Sales Buzz Issue 67 - Influence customers to buy now
March 16, 2010

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Influence customers to buy now

Influence customers to buy now by adding a time bound motivator to your sales pitch. Without a reason to buy now your sales prospects will put off the buying decison, procrastinate, or forget about your sales proposal.

See how you can influence your customers to make a quicker decision by adding a time restriction to your sales offer. Scroll down the page to learn more about Influencing customers to buy now...

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Influence Customers to Buy From You Now

Influence customers to buy from you now by giving them a buy now reason that is time-bound.

As a working sales manager I see many sales people give a great sales pitch, that really matches the customerís needs, but they still donít get the sale.

They build rapport and keep the sales introduction short and to the point.

Their sales questions discover all the needs, wants, and desires that the customer hopes to gain from the product. Then they give a sales presentation packed full of benefits that will give the buyer what they want.

But when they try and influence customers to close the sale the prospect doesnít say no, but they donít say yes either.

Thatís because there is one important customer influencer missing...

The buy now reason to motivate a customer to agree the sale today

When a customer buys on impulse they are reacting emotionally. An impulse sale usually happens when the customer makes a decision using feelings and emotion and then justifies their decision with logic.

They sell the product to them self because they want it. Theyíve made the buying decision so they now give them self reasons why they should buy and why they should buy the item now.

See more on Emotional sales closing techniques.

But not all sales are made emotionally. Some sales are a mixture of emotion and logic and others are pure logic. Many B2B sales and sales of services are made with little or no emotion in the decision process.

Where there is a lack of emotional motivation to give the buyer that extra push to make a decision, you need to add a time bound buy now reason to your sales pitch.

If you donít you will get smoke screen sales objections and vague stalling tactics when you try and influence customers to agree the sale.

You will get answers such as:

Leave it with me

Call me back next week

Or, Iíll think about it.

Because there is no motivation to make a decision now, the buyer puts your information on one side and forgets about it as they deal with other matters that are time bound.

Everyone does it. I do, you do, everyone. They deal with the issues and actions on their to-do list that they see as the most important first.

Most people, B2B customers and direct sales, rate the most important actions on their to-do list as the ones that are time bound. Making a decision on your non-time-bound sales proposal will drop quickly down their list of priorities.

To get a quick decision from your buyer you need to add a time factor to your sales pitch.

Adding buy now reasons to influence customers to buy now

Does your sales pitch give the buyer any reason to make a quick decision on whether to buy from you?

Your sales pitch probably contains moving away from customer influencers, such as solving a problem for the customer, or moving away from a negative situation.

It may also contain moving towards customer influencers, such as positive benefits, saving money, or something they didnít have before.

Once you have presented these influencers you ask the sales prospect if they want to buy from you. But what reasons do you give the buyer to make a decision within a set time frame?

Both sets of customer influencers motivate the prospect to buy from you. But they donít always have a reason to buy now.

If you donít have a reason to buy now, or make a decision quickly, the customer may procrastinate, put the decision to one side, or even forget about it all together.

Reasons that motivate buyers to make a decision could be:

  • Sales offers with an end date, such as seasonal sales prices.
  • A product that could run out of stock.
  • Limited number of customers for a service.
  • Delivery or installation restrictions.
  • Changes outside of your control such as legislation.

You can add many more to the above list for your industry or marketplace. They have to be logical and believable and give the buyer a set or limited time in which to make a decision.

So how can you add a Buy Now reason to your sales pitch?

Open Influencing customers to buy now and see some real examples...

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Stephen Craine

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