Influencing Customers 

Influencing customers to close the deal now by giving them time restricted benefits that makes them want to act now.

We all get common sales objections such as:

I want to think about it

I’ll get back to you

or, call me next week.

What really stops you from closing these sales is Time.

If these sales objections are genuine and not smoke screens, the buyer is asking for more time.

To overcome this you need something to motivate the buyer to make their decision now.

To close the deal now means influencing customers with a reason for buying now, at this time.

The reason they should buy now has to be time bound.

It has to be a benefit that they can gain if they agree to close the sale now, but will lose if they hesitate or wait.

To influence customers to buy now you can use time as a motivator.

This sales training on how to close more sales by using time as a motivator will give you ideas and tips that have been used and proven by my working sales teams. Pick them up, try them out, and adapt them for your sales closing techniques.

Time-bound motivators to close the deal

Examples of time-bound motivators for influencing customers to buy now.

The reduced price is only on offer for a set time

The price or package you are offering is only available to the buyer for a set time.

When you use this customer influencing technique to close the deal you must give a believable reason for the time limit. It could be that it’s a new product and there are only so many available at the new sales price before they go up to full cost.

Another reason that sales people use to push for a close is a future price increase. But if the prospect buys now they will get the pre-increase price. The more believable the reasons for the future increase the more of a motivator it becomes.

There are only a limited number

The product or service you are offering is of limited supply

You can use scarcity as a way to influence customers to make a decision now. A limited number of items, or a service that has a capacity limitation, can give a customer a sense of limited time in which to agree to close the deal.

If you offer a service that is provided by transport then the capacity of the vehicle is a good reason why they buyer should take your offer now, and not hesitate.

You can go into details about the impact the transport cost has on provision of your service. That makes the motivator sound genuine and will influence prospects to buy from you.

Seasonal sales prices

At a certain time of year you may have a genuine reason for reducing prices.

In your industry there may be a time of year that gives you the opportunity to offer a certain package or price.

For example, many home improvement companies will offer a good deal in December and give the reason that their engineers or installers are not busy in January.

The real reason is that not many people think about ordering home improvements in December. Their sales people will continually face the objection of, Contact me after the holidays.

This offer of reduced prices gives the sales force a tool for influencing customers to make a decision before the end of December. This is a good example of a time bound sales motivator.

Conditional sales closing techniques

I can give you this additional benefit, but only if you buy now.

Have you ever bought a car, or other item, and the sales person has said they can give you a special additional benefit or discount, but only if you buy now.

Often they will have to ask their manager first before they can make the agreement with you.

They speak to their manager and tell you they have worked hard on your behalf and negotiated the deal.

Or they pretend to talk to their manager as part of the closing technique.

But in return their manager wants the contract signing today.

This is influencing customers with a time bound motivator.

And also they look like the good guy because they have negotiated with their manager for you.

It’s the manager’s fault the deal has to be signed today, not theirs.

You can see a full page on this technique at Sales negotiation training...

Sales training tips on
influencing customers

Now you have some examples of how to influence customers to close the deal using time bound motivators, you can put some together for your sales pitch.

Look at the service or product that you sell. Break it down into its component parts such as: Transport, manufacturing, service, installation, rental, and so on...

Now write yourself a list of all the ways you can make each of the component parts into a time bound customer influencer.

A good way to start this sales training on influencing customers is to imagine the buyer giving you the sales objection, I’ll think about it.

Maybe there are objections that you already get that are related to the buyer putting off making a decision.

Visualise the buyer saying, This sounds good but can you call back next month.

Now look at what you sell and come up with a really good reason why they should make that decision now.

Remember, it has to be a believable benefit for the buyer not you.

...Telling the customer that you need the deal for this month’s commission target is not going to influence them..

An even better way of influencing customers to buy now

An even better way of influencing customers to close the deal now is to pre-empt the sales objection.

You can pre-empt the sales objection, of give me more time, by building the motivator into your sales pitch before the customer gets a chance to raise it.

As early as your sales introduction you can give the customer a really good reason why they should buy from you today.

The most important line in your sales pitch is during the first few seconds when you tell the customer why you are meeting or speaking to them. You can build your special time bound offer into your reason for meeting a customer.

If you build the customer influencer into the early part of your sales pitch it makes it very difficult for the customer to raise an objection based on more time. You have already said the offer you are making has a time restriction

The other benefit to using this technique for influencing customers is that it gets the buyer to give you their real sales objections instead of smoke screens such as, call me next month.

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