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The Sales Buzz Issue 66 - How to close more sales
March 08, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

How to Close More Sales

How to close more sales will give you the 3 important pieces of sales training that you need to add to your closing techniques. These are not classroom techniques from a sales course. They are proven sales training tips that I use with the sales teams I manage and train.

There's also a brief video clip on how not to close a sale.

If you want to know how to close more sales scroll down the page and consider the 3 important pieces of sales closing training...

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How to Close More Sales

How to close more sales, earn more money, and grow your business.

There are 3 things you must get right to give you the best chance of success when closing sales:

  • 1. Know when to stop presenting
  • 2. Pick the right moment to close
  • 3. Have the right line or question to close the sale

Before we look at each of these 3 closing essentials see what you think of the salesman’s closing techniques in the brief video clip below.

If you can’t see a video above
click this link to open.

So what did you think?

I manage sales people and train them out in the field. What you saw in the video often happens in real situations.

The sales person starts presenting and is well within their comfort zone. This is what they know. This is their product or service and they can talk for hours about it. It’s a lot easier presenting than trying to close the sale.

A lot of people practice their sales presentation. They rehearse it over and over. But they don’t practice their closing lines. They get really good at doing a full presentation of their product.

...And that can cause a problem which we will discuss later..

But what their sales training is missing are closing techniques and the best timing for closing the sale.

Consider the 3 topics below and be honest about your, or your team’s, closing techniques and see if you can improve them.

1. Know when to stop presenting

How do you know when to stop your sales presentation and start closing the sale?

In your sales process you will have asked the buyer questions to establish the needs, wants, and desires they are looking to get from a product or service.

When you have a list of all their required benefits you can present your sales proposal that will meet those requirements. Your presentation should only cover the required benefits and nothing more. Once you start presenting on benefits the buyer doesn’t have a need for you start to bore them.

..See more information and free sales training on Sales Presentation Tips.

So when do you stop presenting

You stop presenting when you have covered all the benefits that the buyer wants from your product or service.

2. When do you start closing the sale

When you stop presenting there is one thing you must do before you start closing the sale.

Make sure you have covered all the benefits, the needs, wants, and the desires the sales prospect has.

How to close mores sales?

When you think your sales presentation has covered everything they want, ask a question to make sure. Ask the buyer if there is anything more that they want from your sales proposal. Whether you sell low value items or high value contracts, always ask the question before you close.

If the prospect raises more needs that they require then go back to the questioning stage of your sales process and discover those needs.

..See more free sales training on the Sales Process.

So when do you start closing the sale

You start closing the sale when you are certain that you have covered all the benefits the buyer wants with your sales presentation. This is a really effective sales training tip on how to close more sales.

3.How do you close a sale

We said earlier that many sales people practice their sales presentation and not their closing techniques.

This causes two problems:

1. They become really good at presenting so they carry on doing it for too long during the sale. This means they present benefits that the buyer isn’t interested in.

2. The sales closing lines are not as fluent as their sale presentations. The closing lines or questions should be a smooth continuation of the sales process.

To learn how to close more sales consider your product. If it is a low value item you may feel comfortable going from your presentation, to asking if you have covered all the required benefits, then straight to a direct closing question.

To close more sales for higher value or more technical sales, you might want to add a trial close.

You add this after your question about covering all benefits and before you go for the main closing line or question.

The close you use must be appropriate for the item you are selling and the type of customer that you are selling to.

The better your sales presentation, the more direct your closing technique can be.

You have to practice moving smoothly from your sales presentation to closing the sale.

So how do you close a sale

You close a sale with a closing line or question that is appropriate for the item or service you are selling. And you consider using trial closes as part of your sales process.

More sales training on how to
close more sales

To help my sales teams I have put together a short training course on closing techniques.

It is designed for all sales people, self employed and small business owners, and works really effectively for both service and product sales.

  • Learn the best type of close to use for your sales
  • Avoid common mistakes that could be costing you sales
  • Confidently close sales and gain the rewards

All types of closing techniques are covered in this practical course.

From the quick one line closes, used on emotional and impulse sales, to the technical and service sales where closing is woven into a sales structure.

Close more sales in any sales role.
B2B - Retail - Field Sales - Direct Sales - Service and Product sales

You can download this complete course on How to Close a Sale and start earning money with it today for just £9.99

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For more information before buying open How to Close a Sale.

In next week’s issue of the Sales Buzz

In next week’s issue of the Sales Buzz:

Influencing customers to buy from you now. We look at how to get around sales objections by giving your customers a time-bound reason to buy from you now.

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Stephen Craine

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