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The Sales Buzz Issue 327 - Emotional Sales Level Makes Closing Easier
August 25, 2016

Emotional Sales Level Makes Closing Easier

An emotional sales level is what the customer will feel when the feature delivers the benefit that the customer wants.

We all use features to show the prospect what our products or services can do.

We all use benefits to show what the features will do for the prospect.

But do you add an emotional level of benefits so the prospect will know how the product or service will make them feel?

Read the example below and think about whether you could add this sales technique to your pitches and presentations.

An Emotional Sales Level Example

A retail sales person is demonstrating a fitness wristband to a customer.

Presenting the Features

She shows the features, the physiological measurements it displays such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. She shows the actions it tracks such steps and calorie burn, and how to set up goals on the device and track progress. These are all features.

Presenting the Benefits

While demonstrating the features the sales woman adds the benefits that each feature will give to the customer.

How the heart rate monitor and other sensors will present a graph of result customised for the wearer so they can see a display specifically for them and get accurate results that allow them to set meaningful goals.

How the step recorder can be set to the average stride of the wearer to give accurate distances covered and let them time their runs to the nearest fraction of a second. These are all benefits for the customer.

At this point it's a good sales pitch, it's tailored to the customer's needs and has used benefits to show what the customer gets from the features the wristband offers.

But what if we now add an emotional sales level?

Adding the Emotional Sales Level

To do this you take each of the features, and their associated benefits, and you add how they will make the buyer feel.

You could give a graphic explanation of what the customer will feel when they have tracked their running times and distances, analysed the results using their customised data, and seen the gains they have made not just in speed but also in how their body functions are improving.

You could bring in the motivation aspect and how even the smallest improvement, measured by their wristband, will get them wanting to do that next run.

How about the glow of satisfaction when they hit a goal they have set that was specifically worked out for them by this amazing bit of kit.

It's all about how the benefits will make them feel.

It's about adding an emotional sales level to your pitch and you can do it for any product or service that has benefits for the buyer.

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