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The Sales Buzz Issue 70 - Better Closing Techniques
April 13, 2010

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Better Closing Techniques

Better closing techniques that work with the buyer to find a win – win solution.

When is a sales close not a sales close?

When the buyer doesn’t feel they have been closed.

These alternative closing techniques will give you fresh ideas on how to close a sale by achieving your objective without resorting to old fashioned, well worn, stereotype closes.

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Better Closing Techniques

Think about this example of a sales person achieving their objective, and a prospect that has agreed to an action but doesn’t feel they have been closed.

A sales manager has some sales vacancies to fill and is approached by a recruitment agency. The objective of the recruitment agent is to get their candidates into interviews with the sales manager. The telephone conversation went like this:

After the initial introduction the recruitment agent explains he has seen the sales manager’s vacancies advertised and he has some ideal candidates to fill those positions.

Sales manager: We already have agencies that we use to fill our vacancies.

Recruitment agent: I understand your loyalty. Tell me, do they always find you the best available candidates.

Sales manager: We’re happy with the applicants they send to us.

Recruitment agent: Have you ever tested the quality of their applicants to make sure you are getting the best people to come in for interviews?

Sales manager: No, but we have always filled our positions by using the same two recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agent: So there could be better, more experienced candidates out there but without anything to test your current recruitment agencies against you will not know.

Sales manager: Well I suppose there could always be better candidates but we are happy with the service we get.

Recruitment agent: That’s great. Could I make a suggestion that will help you to test the quality of the candidates your current recruitment agencies are sending you.

At your next interviews I will send you two people that our screening system matches to your job description. You can use them as a benchmark to compare to the other agencies candidates.

You don’t have to consider them for the vacancies you have. Just interview them in the normal way and see how they compare to others that you see.

There’s no obligation, no cost involved, and you get the chance to make sure you are getting the best possible service. When you’ve completed the interviews I’ll give you a quick call to see how things went. Does that sound okay?

The sales manager agreed to the proposal.

Better closing techniques because there is no confrontation

Let’s look at what went on in that sales conversation.

The sales manager gave the sales objection; ‘We already have agencies that we use.’ Very early in the call.

The recruitment agent didn’t try to overcome this sales objection in the usual head on, confrontational way.

They didn’t try and talk the sales manager out of using their regular agencies, or making any changes to what they already do.

Instead, the recruitment agent kept focused on their objective.

The objective was to get their candidates in front of the sales manager in an interview.

No need to beat the competition or get the sales manager to stop using them. That wasn’t the objective.

Using better closing techniques the recruitment agent achieved their objective by going around the objection.

The sales manager may feel they have been given something here rather than have to give something or make a commitment.

The sales objective has been achieved, so the recruitment agent is happy.

The sales manager hasn’t agreed to start using the new agency, and he has the opportunity to compare the services and candidates from his current agencies. So he’s happy.

This is how to close a sale with a win – win non confrontational closing technique.

There were more sales closing techniques

There were a lot more sales closing skills used in the above example. Did you spot them?

Recruitment agent: I understand your loyalty. Tell me, do they always find you the best available candidates.

What a great line. This line leads away from the expected direction of; Please use us, we are better, get rid of your current supplier.

It asks the buyer a question that they have to say no to. No one could be sure that no improvement could be made. It sows the seed of a possible problem and the seller can then offer an answer to the problem.

The recruitment agent then offers his solution. A solution with no cost, and no obligation or commitment. He even adds the line:

You don’t have to consider them for the vacancies you have. Just interview them in the normal way and see how they compare to others that you see.

He’s saying, I’m not sending you candidates. I’m helping you solve a problem. A problem that the sales manager didn’t know he had before this call.

The recruitment agent knows that if his candidates are better than the competition’s the sales manager will want to hire them. He has achieved his objective of getting his candidates seen.

Now look at adapting better closing techniques for your sales

This sales closing technique can be adapted for many other types of sales.

Consider the above example. It’s taken from a real sales call from a recruitment agency to a sales manager. The technique has been very successful for the agency and for other sales people I’ve helped to adapt it for their sales role.

The sales closing technique is very similar to selling on a trial. You are getting the customer to use your products or services in the hope that they will: Try it – Like it – Buy it.

What I like best about these types of better closing techniques is that the whole focus of your sales pitch moves away from a direct sales approach. It moves towards gaining agreement to a trial or helping the buyer solve a problem.

So using the same technique as in the example what can you offer your sales prospects?

How can you package and pitch a trial of your services or products?

What problems can you help your customers to overcome?

Better closing techniques come from new ideas

The more ideas you see and discuss the better closing techniques you will develop

You can see more ideas and techniques on closing sales on the Sales Training Sales Tips website at Closing the deal.

Some sales roles can use emotional and impulse sales closing techniques. To see if you can use these really effective closing skills open Emotional and Impulse sales closing techniques.

Tell us what you think of the sales closing ideas discussed here.

Give us some feedback on the better closing techniques. Share your opinions about the examples and techniques above. Your thoughts are invited and your viewpoints wanted.

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