Closing The Deal With Effective Sales Closing Techniques

Closing the deal throughout the sales process is the most effective way to close a sale for any product or service that you sell.

By closing throughout the sales process you will:

Highlight major objections at the start of your sales meeting

Make the best use of your valuable selling time

Close more sales and gain the rewards

You will also make closing the sale a lot easier because it will be a natural step in your sales process.

When you close throughout the sale, as part of your sales process, you will be confident about asking for the order. Because of the work you do early in the sale, to gain the buyer’s agreement, there is no sudden leap into a close. Just a simple question asking for the sale.

Scan through the ideas on this page and see how to close a sale with the same closing techniques I train my working sales teams to use.

How to close a sale with
confidence using a sales process

Do you get to the end of your sales presentation, try to close the deal, and then get hit with an objection that you can’t overcome?

I see this happen all the time when I’m coaching sales people.

And it’s usually an objection that you can’t overcome, one that is related to the buyer, such as lack of funds or their buying process.

Objections that are related to you, or your product, can more often be overcome by you because they are within your control and influence.

They are also more likely to be the objections that come up later on after you have presented your proposal to the customer.

Weave the closing of the sale into your sales process and these major sales objections come out at the start of your sale process.

Then it’s your decision on whether to continue with the sale or spend your valuable time elsewhere.

The Sales Process

The sales process my sales teams use to great effect follows a simple path from first introduction to closing the deal.

...Click on any of the links to take you to the sales training page for that stage of the sales process. If you want an overview of the sales process open the Sales Process page and move from closing the deal..

Closing the deal in action

Although Closing the Deal is shown as the 4th stage of the sales process that’s only where you actually ask for the order. The closing of the sale starts in the introduction, and that’s where the most agreement is gained.

In the introduction stage of the sales process you want to know if the buyer can buy from you

...Think about it ...It’s a reasonable request..

Are there obstacles that will make it impossible for them to buy from you?

These obstacles could be:

  • They are not the only decision maker
  • You have to be on a suppliers list
  • Their partner isn’t there
  • Tied into a contract
  • They have no money

And many other reasons that can stop the sale. You want to know about these objections, up front, so you can make a decision on whether to continue spending your time with this buyer.

Build into your introduction a way to confirm the buyer can buy from you if they like what they see and hear. This removes a massive amount of objections, that you can’t overcome, that usually surface near the end of the call when you try and close the sale.

Picture your sale

Picture yourself going through a full sale and then trying to close the deal. Then you are told, the buyer can’t buy from you.

You have asked questions to find their needs, wants, and desires.

You’ve done a great sales presentation that shows the buyer all the benefits of what you can offer, and then you’ve asked for the sale.

All that effort and time, and there was no way you could close the deal no matter how good your sales process was.

Start closing the deal in your introduction

In your introduction stage of the sales process agree with the buyer the agenda you will both follow.

Use your own words to say:

You will ask them some questions to identify their needs and wants.

You will present the best proposal you can offer.

Any concerns or questions they then have can be answered, and if the proposal meets their needs are they in a position to buy from you today?

Closing the deal in the other stages of the sales process

The Questioning Stage of the Process

The highest level of agreement gaining is in the introduction stage, when the buyer agrees to the agenda that you lay out to them.

In the questioning stage of the sale you use sales closing techniques to gain slightly softer agreement.

When you’ve asked all the questions, and defined the wants, needs, and desires of the buyer.

Then you summarize the information to check your understanding and to see if you’ve missed anything.

Then you gain agreement from the buyer that:

You have all their requirements related to the product or service that you sell.

That if you can offer a sales proposal that meets those needs they will buy from you.

As with all the sales training on this website, you use your words and phrases, and you gain the level of agreement that is right for your type of sale.

The Sales Presentation Stage of the Process

When you make your sales presentation you can still weave in sales closing techniques that help to close the deal.

A good sales presentation will be presented in small chunks. It could be just one brief chunk presenting the benefits of one item, or a complicated technical sale with many chunks of information.

There will be natural places where you should stop, gain agreement that the buyer sees the benefits of what you are presenting, and gain some agreement towards the close of the sale.

Make the closing techniques at this stage, simple questions tagged on to your sales presentation. Enough to build up the momentum towards closing the deal, and not too much that you irritate or pressurize the buyer.

Learn more about
how to close a sale

There’s great motivation to learn more about closing sales. The more sales you close the more money you earn, the more your business grows, and the more your lifestyle moves to where you want it to be.

Click around the Internet and get more sales training on closing the deal. Make sure you get the right sales closing techniques for your type of sale. Incorporate them into your sales process.

Even if you make low value quick sales, such as retail or market sales, use a quick process and weave sales closes into it.

I use a sales training program for my working sales teams that increases their sales results by building their sales closing skills.

It’s available in an easy to follow sales training workbook that you can download and start using today. To see more information on How to Close a Sale click the link or the image.

Sales Skills the tools for success

The Sales Skills section is bursting with ideas on improving the sales skills you use to make a living.

All the sales skills are taken from proven sales techniques that are used everyday by working sales professionals in a wide range of marketplaces.

They can be adapted and developed for all sales roles, retail sales, telesales, field sales, inside and outside sales, B2B and direct to the public selling. Click the link to open the Sales Skills page.

The sales process for you

The sales process is the strategy you use to get from your first introduction with a prospect to your goal of closing the deal.

To see the possibilities offered by using a sales process, and how you can use it to increase your sales results open the Sales Process page.

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