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The Sales Buzz Issue 333 - Active Sales Talk - Wake up Your Words
October 26, 2016

Active Sales Talk

Wake Up Your Words

Active sales talk makes big difference to how your prospects react to what you're saying.

It's a simple technique.

Marketers have used it for years.

You just need to change a few words.

Move the words in your sentences around a little.

And the result. What you're saying becomes a lot more interesting and your prospects listen more attentively.

I talked about this simple sales training technique, as a side note, with some sales people I was working with this week. I didn't expect much reaction as I thought everyone knew about this.

Remember the phrase, 'If you assume it makes an ass out of you and me.' Well it did. So in case you haven't come across this simple sales tip, I thought I would share it with you.

No, no, stop, let me change that, 'I'm sharing it with you now.'

Active Sales Talk - Wake up Your Words

I thought I would share it with you.

I will share it with you.

I'm going to share it with you.

These are all sleepy sentences. Quite passive, if not quite technically passive sentences. They sound like box standard lines from a sales presentation.

One sleepy line about what you thought you would do, or what might be a good idea to do, won't cause much harm.

But a sales pitch or presentation full of none active sales talk, or passive sentences, has a wearing down effect. Notice I said, Has a wearing down effect,' and not will have, or would have, or could have.

I said has. It's happening now, and it sounds stronger, more definite, than might have or could have. And will have, which can sound definite in the right sentence, but sounds like it's going to happen in the future.

Talking in the now brings your prospect into the now, and this was around a long time before mindfulness became popular.

Example of Active Sales Talk

'When you install our wonderful new whizzy bit of technical kit, it could make your life a lot easier. It will produce a lot more widgets per hour than you have produced in the past.'

Are you in the now, or is this bringing back memories of presentations that have made you sleepy in the past. These words, in this tone, have a very familiar feel to them. We all had death by power point, and this brings back that feeling.

How about: Installed, our wonderful new whizzy bit of technical kit makes life easier because you're getting more widgets per hour than you did in the past.

You see the difference? It sounds livelier, I'm talking about now, even though you haven't bough it yet.

It's a tool, a sales technique, it isn't something you use all the time.

You don't hit a nail with a screwdriver. Now you are aware of it put it to use where you think it will work best.

It will liven up your presentations, to customer or colleagues, it's different and you will stand out.

It's been used in marketing for years and it works well, (not, 'It has worked well.') adapt it and use it, see if it works for you.

There's more to add to this technique which You'll read next week.

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