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The Sales Buzz Issue 332 - 3 Tier Selling Techniques – The Next Level
October 17, 2016

3 Tier Selling Techniques
The Next Level

The 3 tier selling technique takes what you already know, about sales features and benefits, to the next level and boosts the impact of your closing.

You're a sales professional.

you know the basics of selling.

You know what features are.

You know what benefits are.

But do you know what emotional benefits are?


Features are what a product or service does, or something it has. A feature of a car is its fuel consumption and how many miles you get for each gallon of fuel.


A benefit is what that feature does for the customer. Using the car example, a car with a feature of low fuel consumption gives several benefits to the driver.

It can save the driver money, help the driver to do less harm to the environment, and mean fewer stops to fill up the tank.

If, by asking the right sales questions, you have discovered that your buyer wants one of these benefits then you present it in your sales presentation and it should work to influence the customer towards buying from you.

Emotional Benefits

An emotional benefit is what the buyer feels when the feature delivers the benefit that they want.

It’s that feeling, that emotion, that gives them a rush of satisfaction. In the 3 tier selling technique the feature supplies the benefit, and the benefit causes the emotional benefit to happen.

Back to our car example. The feature of the low fuel consumption gives a customer the benefit of saving money. The benefit of saving money gives the customer the emotional benefit of feelings of contentment and satisfaction.

Selling with Features and Benefits

You probably sell by using features and presenting the benefits that you know the buyer wants.

That’s a really good way of selling, and if you’re skilled enough to ask the right sales questions to find out what benefits the buyer wants, then I’m sure you’re pretty successful and have a good strike rate with your closes.

Selling with the 3 Tier Technique

When you add the 3rd tier to your sales technique you get an even more powerful way to close sales.

And if you’re skilled enough to ask the right sales questions to discover what emotional payback the buyer wants from the feature and the benefits, then you’re really on to something.

When you see that non-verbal clue that you have hit a wanted benefit with your sales presentation you get a buzz and know you are doing well with the sale.

When you ask questions such as, ‘How will it make you feel when you realise you can go an extra 3 or 4 days without buying petrol?’ And then you can present back the benefit of low fuel consumption and add how they will feel, you are using a 3 tier sales technique.

It isn’t as easy as the car example every time. You may have to think about ways to work it into your sales process and find ways to add emotional selling to your products and services, but persevere and you’ll find a way.

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