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The Sales Buzz Issue 142 - Think about it objection and news for small businesses in the UK
October 26, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

A question from a regular site visitor asks: How to overcome the objection 'I want to think about it.'


A way for small businesses in the uk to increase their revenue and profits from their existing data base.

I want to think about it

It's a common sales objection that we all face so how should we overcome it.

One of our regular visitors has sent in the question: What techniques do I use to overcome the objection, 'I want to think about it.'

I've seen sellers and telesales people struggle with this obstacle.

A common response from sales people, not prepared for the think about it objection, is: What is it you want to think about?

That's a terrible answer, we can do better than that.

If the customer knew what they wanted to think about, and they wanted to tell you, they would have done so.

So how do you deal with this common sales objection?

Go to the question and see the response we gave at Handling the objection I want to think about it...

Opportunity for small businesses in the uk

You're a small business with a clients or customers, B2B or Direct sales, and you want to increase revenue and profits.

One way to increase sales and revenue is to offer more products and services to your customers. But maybe you haven't got anything else to offer.

What if you are an accountant, an IT service, or any other focused service provider. You probably offer all that you are an expert on already.

Well here's an idea...

Take a look at how you can sell a new range of services and products to your customer data base. And the great news is, well I thought it was great when I did it, you don't have to carry any stock.

Want to know more? Open Starting a small business...

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