handling objections

by Tiffany
(Limerick, pennsylvania, USA)

If a customer objects to the sale with "I need to think about it", what are some proper techniques to getting past this objection?

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Hi Tiffany and thank you for a great question that's important for all sales people.

There are 2 types of objections that prospects raise:

1. Smoke screen objections

2. Real objections

You can answer real objections because they make sense, they exist. Even if the logic behind them is wrong you have something defined and tangible that you can deal with.

Smoke screen objections are not easy to answer, and in most cases impossible until you have turned them into something defined and real.

I want to think about it, is a smoke screen. It is probably hiding a real objection. The buyer may not want to tell you the real objection, or they haven't defined it properly.

That's your job.

To define the real objection behind their smoke screen.

Think of all the reasons a buyer could have for saying they want to think about it.

They don't want to make a decision.

They want to compare your offer to your competitors.

They don't like sales people and want you to go away. (only joking)

Your presentation didn't cover all the benefits they want. You didn't hit their buy button.

And many, many, more.

How to define the real objection

You define an objection with skillful questioning, and then you use the simple 4 step process to overcome the real sales objection.

Here's a full page on how to do ust that using a proven mixture of questioning techniques and NLP sales techniques.

This page should change how you view and deal with the objection that up to now have stopped you closing sales.

Learn a new perspective at Defining sales Objections...

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