Start A Small Business Online

Start a small business online will show you how to use your passions, hobbies, and life and work experiences, for starting an internet business.

You can achieve a second income.

A full time business working from home.

A great work life balance of your choice.

Start a small business online and enjoy what you do while fulfilling your goals.

You can generate a second income and work towards becoming debt free.

Buy a new house, create financial independence, or present your family with a new way to live that includes you being there.

I’m Stephen Craine, and this is my website.

I built and run this online business, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

I looked to start a small business I could run part time because I wanted the security of a second income. A way to use my experience and knowledge to improve my lifestyle and give me and my family the things we wanted.

Perhaps I could start a small business online that would eventualy take over from my day job.

I had thought about how to start an online business but I wasn't sure where to start.

And I didn't want to risk any money on set up cost.

After a lot of research I knew I could start a small business online for a really low financial outlay.

But I had very average computer skills and no experience of building web pages.

...Before building this website I could use the basics such as word, excel, power point, and email..

I had no idea about Blogging, E-Zine mail outs, or optimizing search engines. My technical knowledge is still very limited. But as you can see from this website, I have been able to start a small business online and now you can do the same.

The other problem I wanted help with was, what type of online business should I start.

What should I focus my website on. How would I make money from it, and where would I find content for the pages. All those questions were answered by the business action guide I followed.

Have you been looking for
something honest

Have you looked at all the get rich quick schemes ...and scams..

Have you assessed the MLM sales pitches, researched becoming a distributor for a range of unknown products, and become totally frustrated with some of the rubbish, and the ridiculous claims that are being made.

After I had done all that

...and lost some money along the way..

I looked at websites built by average people, like me, with the same goals I had, and I found a company with a totally different attitude.

They're called Site Build it. After looking for catches and negatives, and finding none, I started following their business Action Guide and building this site. Now I have a thriving and profitable online business, and I have really enjoyed the experience.

The reasons I chose Site Build It for starting an online business are:

  • It’s risk free with a low start up cost.
  • I didn't need any web or Internet skills.
  • There is a full step by step Action Guide.
  • You get a business package not just a website.
  • I saw proof that it had been successful for ordinary people, like you and me.

And I could speak to a real person from the company and ask any questions before I made a decision.

Listen to how some ordinary people, like you and me, have found success, and more with Site Build It

An all in one package with no risks

Site Build It is an all in one, ready to use package and the way I chose to start a small business online.

What persuaded me to start a small business using Site Build It was that it had everything I needed included in the package.

No hidded extras.

No additions required once I had subscribed.

And a very honest and up front approach to business.

I also liked the added security of the no risk genuine money back guarantee.

That did it, I was sold, and the result is the website you now see.

You can see the no risk guarantee on the order form and guarantee page

What type of small business should I start

Remember earlier I said I didn't how to start a small business online.

I had no idea what the subject should be, or how I was going to make money online. I had done some selling on ebay, but I didn't know how to take that further and turn it into a business.

Finding the answer to this question was the only thing holding me back. I found the answer, or at least the path to take to find the answer, at Small Business Idea Finder to start a small business online. See if it works for you as it did me.

You don't need to make a definite decision yet about the specific topic for starting your Internet business. You only need to know how to start an online business by using an action guide you are going to follow. Choosing the theme of your website, and how you will make money from it, are part of that process.

How quickly will I start earning money

Many people feel safe working for others as an employee because they work a month and get paid at the end of it.

Build a business with SBI and you work hardest at the beginning. The income starts to flow slowly after you have had the faith to work at it. The money grows in direct relation to the work you put in at the beginning.

Don't rush into trying to sell goods or services online before you have built content and attracted traffic. That's the C-T of the C-T-P-M Site Build It strategy.

For the best results follow the Action Guide and build a long term income that starts slowly and builds as much as you want it to.

There must be some negatives

Yes there are. Site Build It doesn’t start a small business online all on it’s own. You have to be prepared to invest your time, and use the great tools that are included.

...If you are considering having a website built for you take a look at how best to do it at The Site Build Service...

There are times when you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available. When this happens just go back to the Action Guide, and focus on just the next action.

There is also a forum for SBI site owners and I've found it really useful for those questions I thought were stupid. Everyone's very helpful and friendly and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

So if you are willing to put in the effort, and you have a good reason why you want to start a small business online, make a decision.

What if I want to speak to someone

You might have some concerns that haven’t been answered yet.

Maybe you just want the reassurance of talking to a real person about Solo Build It and how it will help you start a small business online.

I was really impressed with the support Solo Build It offer. You can ask a Solo Build It advisor

...A real person..

to answer any questions you have, by either e mail or telephone, before you order the service.

If there is a nagging doubt, a scepticism from a past bad experience on the Internet or a big question about your plans to start a small business online. You can contact an experienced SBI advisor by email or telephone by opening SBI Questions.

How long until I can start a
small business online?

You can buy your SBI package on line and start building it today.

I put off buying several times and all I did was delay starting a small business online even though I knew SBI was the way for me to do it.

I’m a skeptical person by nature and often hesitate, even when I've already made the decision, I just don't act.

I wish I had thought about the money back guarantee, and how there is no risk to buying.

I would have experienced the excitement of opening that first Solo Build It email, and starting up my own small business online, a full week earlier.

Mark the date in the calendar when you completed the order form.

You want to mark the day you took that first step that could make all the difference to your lifestyle, as it has mine.

If SBI sounds right for you, then get started today by opening the SBI Order Form and remember you have the comfort of the money back guaranetee.

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