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The Sales Buzz Issue 143 - Selling is all about emotions, or is it?
November 02, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Is selling really all about emotions and impulse purchases, or should we stick to pure logic to convince our prospects to buy from us?

Selling is all about emotion, or is it?

Can you sell your products or services with emotional sales techniques or should you use logic to influence your customers.

emotional sales

You often here trainers, managers, and marketers, talking about selling to a prospect’s emotions to get them to buy.

But can you do that for every type of product or in every sales market.

Can you sell or market all products and services by targeting a buyer’s emotional needs.

What part should logic play in your sales and marketing strategy.

Some sales are pure impulse sales. You’ve probably seen good examples of these in stores and supermarkets. The chocolate items near the checkout that tempts you as you wait in line. How about clothes, why did you buy the last item of clothing that you purchased.

Was it a pure impulse purchase that you saw and just had to have.

Did it meet an emotional desire and you then convinced yourself with logic that you had to have it.

Or was it a decision based on logic alone.

Emotion v Logic

Which will win when a prospect’s emotions challenges their logic?

Emotions every time. Whether they are positive or negative towards the sale, emotions will overpower logic and even get the buyer to think they have logically made a decision.

Here’s an example:

You see something you want, a product that you have an impulse to buy.

The price tag makes you hesitate, you know that you haven’t got that much spare money, or that you shouldn’t spend that much on this item.

So what happens, do you use proper logic and say to yourself that you are not going to buy because of the price?

I doubt it if the item has really got hold of your emotions.

You are more likely to think of ways that you can free up the money and justify the purchase to yourself.

You might think you are using logic but you are unaware of the impulses and emotions driving that logic.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions work in the same way. Think about this example: There are some really good cars about today that are great value for money, but we don’t all buy them.

They are practical, fuel efficient, some are hybrids, and the cost of buying and maintaining is great value. So how come we don’t all drive them?

Because our emotions overrule our logic.

Our emotions tell us that we will not look cool in that.

Or they remind us of the jokes our friends have made in the past about practical, sensible vehicles.

No one has a practical car as a screensaver on their computer.

What do you think of anyone that talks about miles per full tank of fuel, or the cost of a service, while you’re at the water-cooler.

Is that the sort of person you’re drawn to or emotionally admire.

You're emotions will give your logical brain a kick and make it come up with good reasons why you shouldn't buy a car that in all other ways meets your needs.

Can you use emotional and impulse sales techniques

Can you use emotional and impulse sales techniques for your products and services?

If you can find a way to make your sales pitch hit the emotional hot buttons of your prospects then you can increase your sales and grow your business.

When you invest time into presenting benefits that will create an impulse reaction in your potential customers you will make selling and closing sales easier.

Take a look at this full page on impulse selling using emotional sales techniques and see how to use it for your benefit. Open Closing sales using emotional and impulse selling...

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